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Title and Copy Report
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Title and Copy Report

This report is useful to find out which titles have never circulated (for weeding purposes), the circulation stats for a particular timeframe, collection of books (genre or nonfiction range like biographies).  It also includes patron information.

For example, let’s say you want to know which biographies have circulated this year.  Go to Reports->Title & Copy List

You can select by date, book title, circulation type or copy category.  If you don’t have the books you want (in this case biographies) identified by circulation type of by category, you have to do this.  In the case of a whole genre like biography, it is easier to add a circulation type.  

Step 1: Go to Back Office->Library Policies->Add Circulation type Biography

Step 2: Go to Catalog->Update Copies->Global Update

Choose the call number and then change the circulation type to Biography.  See below:

Make certain all your biographies have uniform call numbers or you may have to do this process more than once if your biography call numbers are BIO, B, 92, etc.

Now, I can go back to Reports->Titles & Copies -> and set the report up like this:

I could choose less than 0 if I wanted to delete biographies or I could include the whole list.

Here is the report.  I deleted some fields and sorted the circulations but the information is useful!