Why Wing Chun Uses A Wooden Dummy

Maybe what makes Wing Chun one of the most one of a kind hand to hand fighting is the wooden sham that is utilized by understudies. Most other combative techniques (and other battling styles, for example, western boxing) utilize substantial sacks (likewise called punching packs) as the primary preparing instrument to create control.

The overwhelming sack normally weighs between 50-100 pounds and is thick yet still delicate, and the understudy can convey strikes to it and after some time develop the power in the arms, legs, and joints. A wooden sham, then again, is made of wood (albeit some are made of PVC), is around 5' tall and somewhere in the range of 8.5 and 9.5" in measurement, and has three 12" arms standing out from it to recreate an adversary's arms. This enables the understudy to work on obstructing an adversary's assaults while additionally conveying strikes to the fake's body.

The systems of wing chun dummy themselves explicitly to the utilization of a wooden sham. For instance, a considerable lot of the methods include concurrent blocking and striking. One such method is classified "tan da," and comprises of a "tan sao" (obstruct with the lower arm expanded and the palm confronting upward) with one arm, and a vertical clench hand punch with the other arm performed simultaneously. The "tan sao" redirects the rival's assault while the synchronous punch hits the rival.

This sort of method can be prepared on a wooden sham. The understudy faces the sham and conveys a "tan sao" obstruct against one of the upper sham arms while executing a punch to the spurious' body simultaneously. Since the sham is produced using wood, the "tan sao" is polished against a hard surface that is like a rival's arm. This is better than just rehearsing squares noticeable all around, the same number of different styles do. Along these lines, it conditions the understudy both physically and rationally to recognize what's in store when playing out the method in a real encounter.

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