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How to Enroll Your Child Virtual Learning Platform
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Southern Boone County

 R-I School District  

How to Enroll Your Child in an

All Online Virtual Learning Platform

Updated October 19, 2020

Virtual Learning Option 

The information in this document is designed to inform the reader about online virtual learning platforms utilizing an outside vendor. Please understand this is not curriculum from the Southern Boone School District.  This is a different option than virtual instruction during hybrid or distance learning due to school closure when Southern Boone teachers will utilize district curriculum and resources.

As of today, the District is planning to hold in-person school in the fall, with extensive safety precautions in place. If you are concerned for your child’s health and safety, you have the option to enroll your child in an all online virtual learning platform. The method of virtual instruction will be different from what was offered by the district during Spring of 2020 and will provide increased grade-level work and increased time commitments. Virtual students will be expected to spend multiple hours working in the program during the school day to meet academic requirements. While we understand there are special circumstances that justify the decision to choose virtual learning, we believe it is best for the academic, social, and emotional well-being of students to attend school in person. 

All students will be enrolled for in-person instruction unless specified by the family. Regardless of choosing in-seat instruction or virtual learning, all families must register with the district.

Families wishing to register for all online education for Fall Semester 2020 will need to contact their child’s building level principal by Thursday, August 27, 2020.  Families wishing to enroll for all online education for Spring Semester 2021 will need to contact their child’s building level principal between November 30 - December 11, 2020.   No late registrations will be accepted due to staffing decisions and placements. Choosing a virtual learning provider is a parent/guardian decision.  Even if the school moves to a hybrid or virtual only option, students who choose an outside vendor will remain with the previously chosen method of instruction.  Virtual instruction will follow the same academic calendar as in-person instruction unless otherwise shared by the district. Students enrolled in virtual courses will be required to maintain this enrollment for the duration of the first semester. A similar requirement will be in place for the second semester. It may be possible for a family to transition from in-person to virtual learning, but only after consultation with the building principal and/or counselor.

Students who do not participate, complete assignments or are not showing adequate progress with a virtual provider may be required to return to inseat instruction.  Determinations regarding success and progress will be made after consultation with the building principal and/or counselor after each district grade reporting window (i.e. midterms, quarters and trimesters).

     Dale Van Deven, High School Principal:

     Justin Griffith, Middle School Principal:

     Dr. Amy James,  Elementary Principal:

     Brandy Clark, Primary Principal:

 Virtual Learning (K-12)


Students who participate in virtual learning must have access to reliable internet connectivity and a device appropriate for remote learning. Paper copies will not be sent home for students.

To meet the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) attendance requirements, students will follow a schedule set by the school and will be required to participate in local and state assessments.

▪ Please note that all assignments will have to be completed within the specified time frame provided by the instructor/vendor.

▪ Not all class offerings will be available to students.

▪ Virtual learning will follow the Southern Boone County R-I School District’s 2020-2021 District calendar.

These plans may be modified at any time in response to situations that may arise within or outside of the district. The questions below are answered using information that is available at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in enrolling my student in a virtual learning option through registration vs student virtual instruction during a hybrid or distance learning model?

Virtual learning is when a parent/guardian chooses for their student(s) to attend an online instructional program that uses a stand alone program that may or may not utilize Southern Boone teachers and may or may not interact with other Southern Boone students.  

Virtual instruction during hybrid or distance learning models will consist of curriculum and instruction taught by SBC  teachers.  Lessons provided will reflect teaching that would otherwise take place on campus.  This approach will promote interaction with other SBC students that were enrolled in the class(es) during on-campus instruction.

Both methods require active student enrollment in Southern Boone County R-I School District.  

Who can participate in virtual learning options?

Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade have the option to enroll in virtual learning. Students will be taught using a variety of online programs which may include:

Is there a cost associated with virtual learning through an outside provider?

In most cases there are no immediate costs to parents or guardians.  District funds are utilized to pay vendor/course fees per student.

What will coursework include?

Each program varies in course offerings.

How many hours will my student be online per day?

Students and families should plan for approximately two to five hours of online instruction, guided practice or independent work daily.  Depending upon which program students participate in will determine schedule, teacher availability and if teachers meet virtually as a whole group, small group or individually.

Can I see an example schedule for a typical day?

As we finalize program details, example schedules will be provided below. The final schedule a student follows will be determined by the course teacher and program. The sample schedule below gives you a sense of the daily expectations and also the online and offline balance for virtual learning.

How will students access their coursework?

Both programs will provide more information during program orientation.

What technology requirements are needed to make this option work best for my student?

Participation in virtual learning requires a device and reliable internet connection for video conferencing. Students can use an iPad, laptop, or Chromebook. Cell phones will not be sufficient. Younger children will likely need family support with logging in, some supervision while online, and potential troubleshooting. Students will be provided a tech device from Southern Boone if needed.   At this time, the district is working to provide hotspots for student checkout, but cannot guarantee them. These items may need to be supplied by the family.

Will my student participate in district-wide assessments?

Yes. Students will be assessed using the iReady assessments as appropriate and will participate in the Missouri Assessment Program in the spring (Grades 3-12).  Students enrolled in classes associated with a Missouri testing requirement, such as an End of Course (EOC) exam, will still be required to take that exam.  Other district assessments may be administered depending upon vendor selection and Southern Boone District Assessment chart.

If we decide we want to return to in-person learning at our regular school building, can that happen?

Students who begin in online virtual learning at the beginning of the school year will commit to this mode through the end of the semester and have the opportunity to transition back into their home schools during a posted window of enrollment.  

Can my student move from in-seat instruction to virtual learning after the school year starts?

It may be possible for a family to transition from in-person to virtual learning, but only after consultation with the building principal and/or counselor.

Will my student still be able to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities?

Virtual students will be unable to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics.

Special Education PK-12th Grade

 & Section 504 K-12th grade

If a child has an IEP, can they still enroll in virtual instruction? Yes, all students have the option to enroll in virtual instruction.

If a family chooses to enroll in virtual instruction how will their child receive their special education services?

All students eligible for special education services have the option to come to the building to receive their special education services, receive their special education services remotely or a combination of both. For example: a parent may choose for their child to receive reading services remotely, but bring their child in for physical therapy.

If a family chooses virtual instruction and also chooses for their child to receive their special education services in-person in their building, will their child be provided transportation?

No, all students participating in virtual instruction would be required to provide their own transportation should they decide to access their special education services including speech/language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

When will a child’s services be provided?

 All services will be provided during the regular school day. A student’s specific schedule will be developed by and communicated through the special education teacher and/or specialist assigned to deliver the specific service.

What if a child is in a district special education classroom where the curriculum is based on alternative learning standards (MAP-A) and/or significantly modified to meet his/her educational needs?

 These students will have distance learning plans to support them and their IEP goals. This might mean that virtual instruction is provided by their special education teacher.

Will a child receive the same amount of services if their family chooses virtual learning?

While these decisions are made by the IEP team, the amount and frequency of specific services may need revision to provide Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in a remote learning environment.

If a child has a 504, can the student still enroll in virtual instruction?

Yes, all students have the option to enroll in virtual instruction.

If a family chooses to enroll in virtual instruction, will their child receive accommodations?

Yes, Section 504 students are eligible to receive 504 FAPE plan accommodations that are determined by the team.

If a family chooses to enroll in virtual instruction, can they make a 504 referral for an initial evaluation?

 Yes, Southern Boone County R-I Schools will follow the US Department of Education evaluation process for initial evaluations.

If a family chooses to enroll in virtual instruction, can the 504 FAPE Plan be updated or revised?

Yes, the 504 FAPE Plan can be revised via email, via phone, via zoom, or in-person with the 504 team, which consists of parents, teachers, 504 coordinators, and any other staff members.

Students who begin in virtual instruction at the beginning of the school year will commit to this mode through the end of the semester and have the opportunity to transition back into their home schools during a posted window of enrollment. Students who wish to move from in-person to virtual instruction can do so, after consultation with the building principal and depending on teacher availability.