Glossary of Terminology and Accompanying Notes

The math curriculum math initiative is a process that captures the essence of our grade level mathematical instruction.  Please note that these curriculum maps are living documents that are systematically reviewed, revised, and updated based on internal data, teacher experiences in interacting with the curriculum, and PARCC results.  This work is done collaboratively among administration, grade level teachers, curriculum coordinators, and math interventionists.  In each of the maps, you will find the following:


Please note that “power” or “cluster” standards are those standards that have been identified as being most critical for students to attain grade level proficiency.  You will notice that there are some standards that appear in both instruction and assessment multiple times throughout the course of the three trimesters.  This is based on the level of importance assigned to those standards while providing students multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.  Other standards that appear less frequently may be supporting concepts that are assessed less formally throughout a module.