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Replacing Moderately Damaged Pulls for Magnalatch V2

To repair the V2 Example 2 (moderate damage) Above:

  1. You need to make sure the top of the exposed area is flat, if not, cut the tip off of this post with a pair of clippers/sand it down so that it is flat and you can drill into it. Then use a 1/16” drill bit and drill a hole ½” into the rod - be sure to drill straight into the rod - perpendicular to the horizon.  Drilling & a screw will be required for knobs that do not have a top lip left on them.

Below is an example of drilling (but with a V2 pull with a lip still intact)

  1. Determine how many spacers and what length screw is needed to secure the knob to your magnalatch. You won’t need all.  If damage is beyond repair, please see example #1 to determine how to fully replace the knob.