Entrepreneur Research PowerPoint Project

You must select ONE of the Entrepreneurs from the list down below and research the following information about them:

  1. Who is your Entrepreneur and what is their business name?
  2. Is your entrepreneur alive or deceased? If deceased how/why did they pass away? If they are Alive, how old are they?
  3. What is their business? (What does their business sell/do?) Make sure to explain in details!
  4. When did they start their business?
  5. How successful was it at first?
  6. What influenced them to start their own business?
  7. What obstacles did they come across in order to start up their business?
  8. What education did they earn and where did they earn their education?
  9. Did they have any experience starting a business?
  10. Is their business still running to this day? If so how successful is it? 


  1. You need to make a PowerPoint to showcase your research. One slide for EACH question. Once you download your slides and select your theme in PowerPoint, YOU will need to upload it to your Google Drive and convert it to Google Slides.
  2. You also must include: (You can place these anywhere on your PowerPoint)

Entrepreneurs to research.

1.        Willie Robertson (Duck Commander)

2.        Rupert Murdock (News Corporation)

3.        Ted Turner (owner of CNN)

4.        Sam Walton (Wal-Mart)

5.        Ray Kroc (McDonalds)

6.        Ben Cohen, (Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream)

7.        William Henry Gates (Bill) (Microsoft)

8.        Ralph Lauren, Billionaire, Designer-Polo

9.        Walt Disney

10.        Dave Thomas (Wendy's)

11.        Steve Jobs (Apple Computer)

12.        Alfred C. Fuller (Fuller Brush Company)

13.        John Pemberton and Asa Candler (Coca-Cola)

14.        David McConnell (Avon)

15.        Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google)

16.        Jim Sinegal  (Costco)

17.        James McLamore (Burger King)

18.        Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)

19.        Bill Palmer (Applebee’s)

20.        Michael Del (Del Computer)

21.        Pierre Omidyar (eBay)

22.        Dr. Nell Clark Warren (eHarmony)

23.        Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

24.        Fred Smith (FedEx)

25.        Bill Hewlett (Hewlett Packard)

26.        Barron Hilton (Hilton Hotels

27.        Arthur Blank & Bernie Marcus (Home Depot)

28.        Dan Carney (Pizza Hut)

29.        Troy Smith (Sonic)

30.        Fred DeLuca (Subway)

31.        Glen Bell (Taco Bell)

32.        Claude Ryan & Jim Casey (UPS)

33.        Ruth Handler (Barbie)

34.        Henry Ford (Ford Motor)

35.        Louis Chevrolet (Chevrolet)

36.        James Cash Penney (J.C. Penney)

37.        George D. Dayton (Target)

38.        Charles Lazarus (Toys “R” Us)

39.        Thomas Stemberg (Staples)

40.        Issac Singer (Singer Sewing Machines)

41.        Rollin King and Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines)

42.        Georg Eastman (Kodak)

43.        Mike and Marian Ilitch (Little Caesars)

44.        Henry John Heinz (Heinz)

45.        Charles A. Pillsbury (Pillsbury Flour Mills)

46.        Amos Whitney and Francis Pratt (Pratt & Whitney)

47.        Harry B. Cunningham (Kmart)

48.        Barney Kroger (Kroger)

49.        Samuel M. Skaggss (Safeway)