Congratulations on your college acceptance! It’s an amazing accomplishment and we don’t want these uncertain times to stop you from enrolling.

To help you navigate financial aid, housing, academic advising, and more, please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, as there may be an answer ready for you. For all outstanding questions, please be sure to fill out this form for assistance.


When will my Financial Aid Letter arrive?

Is my deposit refundable?

How do I check on the status of my FAFSA or CA Dream Act application?

How can I request changes to my financial aid?

Can I make changes to my FAFSA, in case my income or family income has changed?

I think I should go to community college instead of a 4-year institution

I am considering an out of area college, can you still help me?

Are there resources around food or housing that I can access?

I’m not sure about attending this fall. If everything’s remote, it’s just not the college experience I’ve been looking forward to.