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Analytics Admin Team - Statement of Work
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PALNI Analytics Coordination Admin Team

Description and Statement of Work

Return on Investment (ROI)

Participation in the Analytics Admin Team is expected by those electing to join the team. Members of the Analytics Admin Team will provide input, lead initiatives, perform work, and lead task forces in the area of Analytics for the consortium.

  • Admin Team Member
  • Investment:
  • Monthly 1 hour meetings
  • 2-4 hours per month working on Admin team activities, projects, and task forces
  • Return:
  • Access to professional development funds and training opportunities
  • Direct development through leadership opportunities, skill sharing, and peer relationships
  • All of PALNI
  • Investment:
  • PALNI membership
  • Return:
  • Analytics Admin Team provides a suite of services, tools, and resources to all PALNI members (see below)
  • Access to Analytics Summit and events open to anyone interested in attending


Goals of the Statement of Work

This statement of work defines the operational support provided by the Analytics Coordination Admin Team to PALNI supported institutions. The objectives of this statement of work are to:

Admin Team Charge & Description


The Analytics Coordination Admin Team will support consortium and institutional assessment through developing best practices and performing work gathering, reporting, analyzing, and presenting data.


The Analytics Coordination Admin Team works with each of the other established PALNI groups to gain insights into the needs of the consortium, prioritizing and working to create or advocate for the necessary reports, data, or analysis. The Analytics Admin Team identifies sources of data to be used for dashboards, reporting, and strategic long term analysis. Taking direction from the strategic plan as well as identifying new opportunities and recommending objectives, this group will balance immediate needs with long term goals.

Admin Team Membership

Ongoing Responsibilities of the Analytics Admin Team

Services of the Analytics Admin Team

  1. WMS Report Designer
  1. Local and Group consultation on report design and development, including creation of user guides and report templates for PALNI and OCLC.
  2. Local and Group assistance with report creation [via web or in-person consultation].
  1. IPEDS/ACRL Statistics Reports
  1. Assist with maintenance of PALNI documentation and best practices for IPEDS/ACRL or other group reporting.
  2. Provide consultation on report data sources and gathering.
  1. ACRL Metrics Portal
  1. Develop and maintain PALNI best practices documentation in conjunction with the ROI Board Committee.
  2. Arrange for training and assistance with using the ACRL Metrics Portal.
  3. Design / Maintain ACRL Metrics Portal Group Templates.
  4. Provide data exports upon request by PALNI staff and local libraries.
  1. Dashboards
  1. Provide consultation and assistance with creation of local dashboards.
  2. Maintain consortial dashboards once created.
  1. OCLC Service Requests
  1. Review service request reports provided by the Analytics Coordinator to identify, prioritize, and advocate for responses to service requests affecting multiple PALNI libraries.
  1. OCLC Development
  1. Review enhancement requests on the OCLC Community Center for topics of interest to PALNI including new and existing requests.
  2. Advocate for enhancements broadly affecting supported organizations.
  3. Draft and submit enhancement requests as identified or brought to the team’s attention.
  4. Update and revise Analytics related PALNI Vision documents.  
  1. Analytics Summit
  1. Plan and host regular in-person or online Analytics Summits as appropriate topics and needs arise.
  1. SUMA
  1. Provide support for Suma, including documentation and best practices.

Ongoing Local Responsibilities





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