Health Forms & Information

Health forms

We are once again partnering with CampDoc to provide electronic health records for our campers and staff. CampDoc has helped us to consolidate and integrate camper health information into a centralized and secure location. The security, confidentiality and privacy of your camper’s personal health information will always be protected. site is secure, encrypted and password protected. You will receive a notification email when your 2020 health profile has been created. New families will need to follow the instructions to create an account. Returning camper families will receive an email indicating that their camper’s profile is incomplete and you will be prompted to log into using the same login information as last year. You will need to complete the electronic health record, (including uploading a camper photo, front and back photo of insurance cards, immunization records and medication forms) by May 1. Alerts will appear for any missing required information. You may return to at any time to make changes/updates to your camper’s health information before May 1. Please contact the CampDoc Help Desk with any CampDoc related questions. Help Desk hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST. The Help Desk can be reached via telephone by dialing (734) 636-1000 or via email at


All campers must have proof of insurance on file. Please upload the front and back of your camper’s insurance and prescription cards when submitting your health forms. ALOHA, HIVE, and LANAKILA CAMPERS: If your child sees a doctor during the summer, your insurance company will be automatically billed by the provider. If your child sees a dentist during the summer, you will need to pay the dentist directly and then submit the bill to your insurance for reimbursement. Any prescription charges, not covered by insurance, will be billed to your camper’s store account. In addition to standard health insurance, you may choose to purchase Travel Insurance. We will forward all bills to international families. Please pay provider directly and then submit bills to your insurance company.


Immunization records should be uploaded when submitting your health forms. In order to protect the camp community from the possible spread of contagious illnesses, The Aloha Foundation requests that campers and counselors come to camp fully immunized. In order to maintain the general health of the community, any camper diagnosed at camp with an especially contagious illness, including but not limited to, pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria, meningococcal disease, measles, mumps, rubella or chickenpox, will be quarantined upon diagnosis and will return home as soon as possible thereafter.

Tuberculosis testing

Campers from any country on the WHO list for high incidence of TB must submit proof of a negative TB test, dated within six months of camp.


If your camper uses an EpiPen or inhaler, please bring two to camp, well-marked with your child’s name. Campers may only carry EpiPens or inhalers after consultation with the health care staff. Please send a permission note, signed by you and your child’s physician. Campers who require allergy injections during the camp season should bring complete instructions regarding schedule and dosage, allergy serum and syringes with needles. EpiPens or other medications used to treat injection reactions should be included.

Eyewear, dental appliances

Children who attend our overnight camps and wear glasses, contact lenses, or dental appliances should bring pertinent information regarding them. It is helpful to send an extra pair of glasses in case of loss or damage.

Lice checks at Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila

Please check your child for head lice two weeks prior to camp departure and immediately before camp begins. If any sign of lice is found please arrange for appropriate treatment. Planning is required as treatment results are variable and the tedious process of removing nits (lice eggs) often involves a full two weeks. The Aloha Foundation is committed to a no-nit policy to benefit all campers. Therefore, it is imperative that all nits be removed prior to arrival at camp. This prevents re-infestations caused by surviving and hatching nits (many treatment products are not 100% effective at killing nits), as well as lice that are resistant to treatment products. Removing all nits minimizes the need for repeated treatments and eliminates pesticide exposure. Screening campers for lice is a routine part of opening day. Expert lice technicians inspect every child’s head upon arrival (and departure) at camp. Should an arriving camper have lice and/or nits, his or her parents or guardians will be informed by the camp and treatment with Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ chemical free lice eradication products will begin. If your child needs to be treated for head lice he or she may regrettably miss a good portion of the first day’s activities. While not a health risk, lice pose a huge inconvenience and a potential embarrassment. The $350 cost of a required treatment will be billed to the parents or guardians of the affected camper. Any camper who contracts head lice after the initial screening will receive treatment at The Aloha Foundation’s expense. Fortunately, your careful attention to this issue before departure for camp will eliminate a tough start for your child and allow your camper to begin the summer without disappointment or delay due to treatment. If you are unsure how to proceed, your child’s school nurse or health care provider can check for you and guide you on how to treat head lice. Please let us know that such treatment has taken place and what products were used. If you choose to use Jolis Cheveux lice treatment products they are available at: or by phone: (888) 542-3292 / (917) 648-3789.