Irving STEAM Magnet School’s

Back to School Check List

We have prepared these easy to follow steps to help you get ready for the start of the 20-21 distance Learning school year.

Details for each of these steps scroll down.

Contact Information

July 23rd - August 18th


After August 18th, you can reach us Monday- Friday at any of our three

Irving Resource Lines

8:00AM-11:00 AM


11:00AM-4:00 PM


STEP #1 Textbook and Class Schedule Distribution

We will be holding textbook/technology distribution days by Grade level beginning August 6th . Parent may pick up textbooks, Chromebooks and Class schedules at Irving in room S4 on the designated dates (by last names) from 9am- 1pm:

Grade 6

A-M  Aug. 6th 

N-Z   Aug. 7th 

    Grade 7

A-M Aug. 12th

N-Z   Aug. 13th

Grade 8  

A-M  Aug. 10th         

N-Z   Aug.  11th  


* Make-up Distribution Day (all grades): August 14th and August 17th

On these days parents will receive:

Please enter through W Ave 32nd St. and Marguerite St. by our PE field. Textbook room is located in S4. There is plenty of street parking on W Ave 32nd St. Staff will be there to assist you. Please wear face covering/mask and practice social distancing.

STEP #2 Review Distance Learning Plan

School will begin August 18th via distance learning platform. In order for students to master concepts, we have created an easy to follow weekly schedule. Please review this schedule with your child.

Weekly Distance Learning Schedule

How  does the Weekly Distance Learning Schedule work?

Each day of the week will be assigned to specific subject matters/courses so student can focus and better understand concepts. Students will meet with teachers in online Zoom sessions and engage in a variety of activities such as delivery of lessons using interactive platforms, breakout groups, discussions, classwork and much more. In addition to designated subject matter dates,  we have additional sessions of English and Math, as well as, intervention and tutoring sessions students can attend for help on their coursework.

On the first day of school and each day, students will:

  1. Log on to  Schoology: to access school schedule
  2. Click on  teacher updates. Teachers will post Zoom meeting time and links on Schoology Course updates page. (will be posted by August 17th)
  3. The meeting time will be recurring and students will meet with their teachers live during each class session. All class sessions and Humanities/Math tutoring are mandatory attendance.

STEP #3 Verify Schoology Login Credentials

Schoology Login Information

We suggest you ask your child to log on to Schoology to verify that their email and password are still active.

If your password is expired you may reset your child’s password as long as they have their pin code number. Click here to reset password.

We can help!

If you do not have a pin, you may contact us at 323-259-3701 Mon-Fri 8am-2pm or you can email one of the following Irving Staff members for help. After August 18th, you may either email or call on of our Irving Resource Lines.

6th Graders         Rebecca Guevara,

7th Graders         Katherine Harrison,

8th Graders         Paul Schroeder,

STEP #4 View Class Schedule on Schoology

Log on to Schoology: to access school schedule and view teacher updates. Teachers will post Zoom meeting time and links on Schoology Course updates page. (will be posted by August 17th)

STEP #5 Fill your Personal Planner

Access the Irving Weekly Planner  to plan out your week by writing in teacher Zoom meeting times and any other important information. This will help everyone in your family know when you are in a class meeting. You can also create your own weekly calendar.

How to Access the Irving Weekly Planner

  1. Click on Link:

  1. Click on FILE:
  2. Click on: Make Copy of Entire Slide or Download to print

STEP #6 First Day of School August 18th

You are ready to start the new school year and meet your teachers!

Log on to Schoology:  to access your classes. Teachers

will post Zoom meeting times and links on Schoology Course updates page. Once you meet your teachers, they will give you detailed  information on what to expect this semester. Go bears! Yee-Haw!

Other News and Updates

NEW STUDENTS: Enrollment Forms

You can access Enrollment Form and Emergency Cards by visiting:

You must download the form first before typing directly on it (Adobe software may be required)


You can also pick up forms in-person in the main office Monday-Friday from 8am-1pm.

Options to turn in forms:


You can email forms to ( and )


2. Drop Off

You can turn forms in in-person on your designated textbook pick up days (we are flexible on dates, so don’t panic if you can’t make it).


3. Mail


3010 Estara Ave.

Los Angeles, California 90065

(Please only send Enrollment form, Emergency form and questionnaire. Please do not send personal documents or original documents. We can take care of that when schools reopen in person)

New Student Orientation

Zoom Orientation will take place during the week of August 17th. We will be training parents on how to use Schoology as a student.  Exact times and details will be shared on Monday.

LACER Afterschool Program Orientation

LACER afterschool program will be holding their orientation on August 9th (9am and 5pm). LACER is the organization that runs our afterschool program. Due to the pandemic, they will present the enrichment opportunities they will be providing for our students virtually. For more information on the program, you can visit



We are not selling uniforms at this time since instruction will take place online. As we move closer to reopening campus, we will send out options on purchasing uniforms.  



If you are in need of an internet hotspot, we ask that you complete the Hot Spot request form on our webpage. Quantities are limited, but we will work along with the district to obtained as many as possible.

 We promise you that we are working around the clock to make this process as smooth as possible for students, parents and teachers. We want our students' virtual learning experience to be positive, productive and memorable.

We’ve all had to navigate unprecedented challenges that we never imagined we’d be facing. Your understanding, flexibility and loyalty have filled us with immense gratitude. Gratitude for your understanding as we asked you to adapt to changes, for your flexibility in embracing digital channels to interact with us, and for your loyalty in working together with us to help meet the needs of our students.

We thank you for choosing Irving STEAM Magnet!. Go bears!

Contact Information

July 23rd - August 18th


After August 18th, you can reach us Monday- Friday at any of our three

Irving Resource Lines

8:00AM-11:00 AM


11:00AM-4:00 PM




Principal Kirk Roskam:

SAA  Sonia Morales:

Assistant Principals:

Paul Schroeder:

Katherine Harrison:

Technical Assistances:

English/Spanish: Paul Schroeder:


Enrollment/Magnet Coordinator:

English/Spanish: Rebecca Guevara:


Special Education

English:  Katherine Harrison:

Alicia Reynoso:


Counseling Office/Scheduling

English: Cassie Barajas:

English/Spanish:  Emilio Lozano:


For questions about Magnet Application status or enrollment call Ms. Guevara at 818-253-1690 or email her at You can also apply through

Teacher Emails

Need to contact a teacher? You can call our office at 323-259-3701 and we will relay the message to the teacher. You can also email them directly through our EMAIL STAFF Directory @


20-21 Calendar Link:

Coming Soon!

Weekly Assignment Log COMING SOON

This schedule is designed to help students plan their weekly schedule and best organize their time. Teachers update post weekly and include an assignment overview. You can then visit individual classroom Schoology or Google Classroom Page for assignment details.