Ukatsu Fortnite Season 2



All matches played during the Ukatsu Fortnite Tournaments will be played on “cross-platform” settings.  Clarifications:


Similar to Pop Cup Rules, this scoring system encourages eliminations and placements to win.  Ukatsu is rolling out with this system to emulate the professional scene as closely as possible.  Players must earn as many points as possible within the given time limit (generally one hour)

Players MUST report scores before deploying for next game.  Any unsubmitted scores will not be valid.

1 Elimination : +1

3 Elimination :  +1

5 Elimination : +1

7 Elimination : +1

9 Elimination: +1

11 Elimination + 1

Reach Top 5 + 1

Reach Top 3 : +1

Victory Royale +2

Tie/Draw Ruling

In the event of a tie or draw, players will split the amount of the tournament pot.

Technical Issue

In the event of a technical issue, participant is to notify any tournament organizers.  Players needing to restart / troubleshoot will begin a timer.  Calculated time will be added to the individual or team’s time limit.

Final Call

No game is to be played beyond 5 minutes before the scheduled time limit.  Players must be dropped into the Fortnite map before final call.


5:00 - Registration / Warmup / Setup

5:30 -  6:30 (45) Solos

7:00 - 8:00(15) Duos

8:30 - 9:30(45) Squads  

Streaming / Casting / Media

All players and participants are subject to photography/videography unless signed media consent and privacy forms are completed.

Games during Ukatsu Fortnite Season 2 will be streamed live on  Winners from previous weeks will be featured on “main stage.”

Team Ukatsu

Like in the first season, team Ukatsu will be competing in the upcoming Fortnite Season, but at an earlier time.  This is to ensure that all Ukatsu Staff and Volunteers will be fully present to help any participants in need on tournament night.

Ukatsu will record all submitted scores for either Twitch or YouTube for score verification.  Scores will be posted for all participants to see on tournament night.  In the event that Team Ukatsu wins the weekly tournament based on the same scoring system, pot prize for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will roll over to the following week.  

Members of Team Ukatsu ARE eligible to substitute for play on tournament night.  In the event of a substitution, Ukatsu member scores will not be kept or tracked for overall standings but will contribute to the active week’s total points.

Members of Team Ukatsu will be omitted from any and all prizes and advertised Top 10 leaderboards, but will remain visible for the general public.


Payouts will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place members for each individual tournament (solos, duos, squads).  Payout ratios are as follows:

1st - 60% of pot

2nd - 25%

3rd - 15%

In the event of fewer than 3 squads, a group vote will be taken for a “Winner-Take-All” payout

Season Overall Standings and Rewards

Season standings during the multi-week Ukatsu Fortnite Season will be tracked and public for all to see.  Season leaders (1st) in each category and overall standings will be awarded a prize at the end of the season.  Prizes to be determined.

Makeup Days

Two makeup days, one at the middle and one at the end of the season, will be held for participants to “catch-up” on season standings.  Makeup Days will not award cash prizes and will be charged at the same rate as Open Play hours.  ($5/hr or 1 Ukatsu Credit / hr)

Makeup Day #2 will only allow make ups from the second half of the season.