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April 2021
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April 2021

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New York State education officials may be removing the Regents Examinations requirements currently necessary for students to earn a High School Diploma.  Officials will vote next month as to whether or not current high school students enrolled in Regents classes will need to take, or pass, the corresponding Regents Exam in order to satisfy graduation requirements.  

Last year, due to COVID-19, Regents Exams were canceled in NYS.  Any student who was scheduled to take a Regents Exam was “exempt”.  While NYS is not canceling the Regents Exams this year, the result could be similar- if the graduation requirement is waived, students will not be required to take them. You can read more about this, here.


The Committee on Special Education (CSE) is required to meet at least once a year to review your child’s IEP, educational progress, and to make recommendations for the following school year. This is called your Annual Review meeting.  Typically, Annual Review meetings take place in the spring to allow as much data and information to be available when making decisions and recommendations for your child’s program for the next school year.  It’s important to remember that any recommendations made at your Annual Review (i.e. changes to your child’s IEP placement, services, and accommodations) will only be implemented at the start of the following  school year.


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The CSE is required to meet at least once, in a 12 month period, to review your child’s IEP.  This means that your child’s Annual Review can be held as late into the school year, or even in the summer, to discuss the plan for the following school year, as long as your last CSE meeting was within 12 months of when you are requesting the AR to be held.

Having a later Annual Review can give parents the opportunity to see how their child finishes the school year to help them best understand if and where their child has made progress to help plan for the following year.

Keep in mind, if you feel your child has not made progress, and want to request Extended School Year (ESY) services, you need to have your child’s Annual Review meeting before the end of the current school year, so if ESY is approved, your child’s services begin July 1st, which is the actual first day of the next school year.

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