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Barometer Plus User Guide
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What do you do when the pressure tracking feature, Notification, History Graph does not work?

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1, Display Settings:

2, Barometer Settings:

3, Altimeter Settings:

4, Pressure tracking:

Note that the “Graph” page only displays the pressure value of “Pressure tracking” in the background, not the pressure value in the real time.

This feature can send you notification about pressure change (weather change, altitude change) or even be used to track migraines from many of our customers.

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4, Exac update interval:

If this option turns off, by design Apple iOS only runs background refresh tasks for about 15 minute to 30 minute without warranty.

You must meet all below condition to run background refresh (for pressure change and graph feature):

- Open app at least 1 a week

- Phone has network connection

- Phone not in low power or low power mode

If this option turns on, the app will continue to update location  in the background and it will use more battery. Current version will use about 20 - 30% battery a day with the 10 minute interval.

When you press home button it will display a blue banner show that "Barometer Plus is using your location", if you don't want to see it, open iPhone Settings app,

choose Privacy and then Location Services, choose Barometer Plus and then select Always. In the Settings of the app, you will find an option to set intervals  for pressure and QNH update.

When this option is ON, “Pressure tracking” will always work with the interval you choose.

5, Other options, they are very easy to use and name themselves functions.

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