Learner Profile and Questions:

Inquirer: “What are you curious about?” “What do you wonder about?” “How can you find out?” You can also share your own curiosity with their children, including what you found interesting when you were children.

Knowledgeable: “What did you learn today?” “How do you find out things you want to know about?” You can share what you know about the world, your job, and areas of interest. You can also encourage your children to gain knowledge through books, newspapers, the radio, and computers.

Thinker: “What do you think?” “How did you come up with that answer?”You can also share your thoughts about important matters.

Communicators: “What ideas do you have?” “How do you say that in another language?” You can also set aside time to have conversations with your children to promote quality communication.

Principled: “What is the right thing to do?” “What responsibility do you have in the situation?” “What might you do differently next time?” You can also emphasize times in your lives when you have taken responsibility for your actions.

Open-minded: “What is your point of view?” “Why do you think, feel, or believe that?” “Might there be a different point of view?” “Why might someone think, feel, or believe differently?” You can discuss differing points of view with in an open and honest manner.

Caring: “What have can you do to help?” “How do you think that makes (another person) feel?” You can make explicit when you are being caring to another person and its importance.

Risk-takers: “What new things do you want to do, learn, or experience?” “What do you need to make them happen?” You can take risks with your children or in the presence of  your children.

Balanced: “Is that a healthy choice?” You can also ensure that their children eat healthy, get enough rest, exercise, and receive positive feedback and reinforcement every day.

Reflective: “What did you learn from that experience?” “How might you do it differently next time?” “What are your strengths?” “What do you want to improve?” “How will you go about that?”

You are your children’s first teachers, and we look forward to working together to promote the IB Learner Profile!