Updating Allergies, Conditions, and Medications in My Ancona

Note that each year, you’ll be asked to fill out the “Allergies and Conditions” form in mid-April. This form is designed to make sure that you have certain pieces of information on file and up to date. Since the form can only be filled out once per year, it is important that parents know the following procedure that allows for updating allergy and condition information on file at any time.

Sign into My Ancona


Click on “Children,” then on the name of your child. If you have only a single Ancona child, just click on your child’s name in the same spot.

Click on the “Medical” tab of their profile.

Scroll down, and click “Add new” under “Allergies and conditions.”

Pick “Allergy” or “Condition” from the drop-down menu. Choose the specific allergy or condition from the next drop down.

If the condition is severe (potentially causing anaphylaxis or similar), then also download and fill out one of these action plans and upload it under the “Files” area:

Allergy Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan

Diabetes DMMP

Seizure Action Plan

As a parent, you can choose whom you’d like to see the information. While certain specially trained staff members will always have access, parents can choose whether people such as coaches and teachers should have access to this information.

If a medication is required for this allergy or condition, use the “Add medication” button.

Be sure to enter the dosage and times per day. Indicate where the medication will be located within the school, or if it is a medication taken only at home.

Be sure to click “Save & close,” and repeat with any other allergies and conditions.

Note that there is other information on the “Medical” screen that may also be updated, such as physician information, preferred hospital, insurance information.

Also note that the previous PDF/paper “Medication form” is no longer in use, and is replaced by the information on file in My Ancona’s Medical section.