Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

Iñigo had worked hard to get himself to this point, and would not accept defeat in front of these poor children that he was tormenting. “Now will use my hydromite, and oxymite to create my H2Oers Oxy-turn, which can bring back an oxymite at stage two. I will now use my assembly to create another hydro-token. By having the Hydro-token and the oxymite, I can create another compounder, my H2Oers Hydro-back to bring back a hydromite that I used for its create at stage one. Then, I will use my Chemical reconstruction, it allows my to recreate one of my previous compounders, thus I summon my H2Oers slipper. Now with the power of my three compounders and the discovery points that I’ve created, I now shall discover my H2O discovery!” “Oh, this would be your first discovery I assume?” “Yes, and now come to form, my creation!” “I’m not one to disappoint often, but the first discovery never really is the best…”  Iñigo’s alchemy pot began to erupt with light, overflowing with immense power, a great creature started to emerge for the pot. It grew into gigantic size, larger than the discovery that Alter worked so hard to create. A mighty dragon formed from the pot, formed of water that released a powerful shockwave, discarding the Salty Rager in the process.

“How did you…” Alter was quite confused by the fact that he was able to make the water dragon. “Now my Water Logged Dragon, unleash the floodgates of destruction!”  Waterlogged dragon with its three thousand active point along with the boost of the H2Oers discovery brings Alter’s funds down to five thousand five hundred. Alter, only with a blank glare from the shock waits for the turns end. Iñigo draws discovery burst. “I guess it will be your turn. Ready to go?”

Alter then activates his chemical reconstruction to bring back his Salty Rager, then set two cards to end his turn. He gestures to Iñigo for him to start. “Oh, I will activate discovery burst, then I will end my turn.” Iñigo, now having the discovery burst draws both a stopper project and a Alchemy restart. Alter then activated his card at the start of his turn, Advanced Alchemy, send the previous card he drew to the discarded waste, to then add two elemites to his hand as well as a compounder, then he used the other card, being elemental doubling, allowing him to create two elemites at once instead of one like he would normally. “Wow, that’s pretty impressive, I’m surprised you haven’t said anything for the past couple of turns. You alright to continue?” He didn’t answer, but instead create the sodiumite, and the chlorimite from his hand, then used then to make another salter chef. He then gestures that indicated that he was using the effect of the the chef to then lower the waterlogged dragon by five hundred and increasing itself by five hundred.

He then used the Salty Rager to attack the waterlogged dragon, thus destroying it and taking six hundred fundings from Iñigo, then continued the offensive with his salter chef, doing another two thousand seven hundred damage. Alter looked a bit upset by the outcome of the battle thus far. He ends his turn with his draw. “I guess I will set 1 card, and end my turn.” He was able to draw another alchemy reconstruction, thus ending his turn. Alter looked at he for a minute, then set his card. He went for the attack with the salty rager to be stopper projected by Iñigo. “Wow, your getting real close to ending this. I’m going to need a miracle to get out of this.” “I need you to do something for me,I need you to finish this before it’s too late. I don’t have time to explain, but you need to win in this next few turns or else I may not be able to let you win this. Up to this point, I’ve merely been trying to control the others, but they seem to like your energy. I think they will be in fear if I lose this battle, thus you need to end this!” “Okay then, but who’s they, and why do they matter? I don’t think any of the audience that we’ve developed seem like any real threat, but if you really need me to end this, then I will try. Just give me a turn to fix up my hand, and not kill me.” “I can’t, but maybe I can buy you some time. I just hope you can pull this off, or we’ll all be at risk.” “Risk of what? Who’s this person or people or whatever that you’re in fear of?” Alter went silent again, but continued his attack with the Salter chef, taking out another two thousand seven hundred. Alter then ended his turn with his draw, Iñigo was a bit nervous of the result of this next turn.

“Alright, I use my second chemical reconstruction to bring back my Waterlogged Dragon. Now with its three thousand three hundred disclosed points, destroy the salter chef!” The chef crumbled by the attack, thus Alter lost another six hundred funds. “I guess I will end my turn, but with my discovery burst from before, I will be about to draw two cards.”  Iñigo drew chemical dissolvent, and alchemist burst. “Oh, you seem to be at a tad of a disadvantage, but that’s fine, for now my Salty Rager will bring full force into this next attack! I hope you won’t mind, for I would hate to lose my only good punching bag. Now destroy his discovery!” The salty rager slashed the dragon in half, destroying it entirely, and taking a hundred funds from Iñigo. “I will end with a face down card, Hope you continue to amuse me, or I might not be happy.” “You seem a bit different, not as loud as before, maybe?  What’s up with that, and I’m happy that your making a bit more sense than earlier.” “I guess I was just losing control of myself, that’s all. Now let’s finish this, shall we.”

Iñigo had some concerns with how Alter was behaving in an aloof manner. Then with his Discovery already being stronger than his Discovery was the other problem. He didn’t know if he could possibly take down the beast that was the Salty rager. “I set one card, and that will be my turn.” He then drew Calciumite. “Is that all you have to offer, In that case, I will have my Salty Rager come at you with full force!” Salty Rager rushed toward Iñigo with a mighty swing of his sword, causing a cloud of dust to form.

The audience backed away a bit, now covered in dust, watched to see the result of the attack. A friend of Iñigo started to walk toward the scene. “Hey, what’s up with all the dust” She was rather confused by the impact strength for she knew this was the area where Elementist would be performed. “Oh, this big guy named Alter started to attack the children that were playing, stealing their resources, and knocking them out. Then another gentleman came, a local but his name always eludes me. Starts with an ‘I’ I think? Anyway, they have been battling a very intense game here. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them gets seriously hurt.” She then sees Iñigo from the smoke. “Wait, Iñigo’s here, but he was going to open up his shop today.” “Well, at least he will have something to fall on after he loses his resources. He might even be dead from the look of that attack.” The crowd then saw that Iñigo was still standing, and the Salty Rager had been defeated. All that remained were the elemites that made it up.

Iñigo had used his Alchemy Burst to stop the attack. “I guess  disassembling is quite a good thing, isn’t it?” “Well, I’m impressed by that response, but that won’t be enough to win this battle!” I will now use the two elemites I have to create a Salter Flagger to end you next turn!” “Alright, now I’ll start with creating my Calciumite, which can shuffle back some of my elemites from my discarded waste to my resources to then  draw a card. I now reveal the card, being a Heliumite, thus I can now create it from my hand. Heliumite, attack his salter flagger!” The burst of energy that released from the heliumite sent the flagger flying, thus sending it to the discarded waste, and lowering Alter’s funds to four thousand six hundred. “I now end my turn!” Iñigo then drew Alchemy Reconstruction.

“Fine, I will set down another card, create one sodiumite, and that will end my turn!” “Seem a bit dried up of resources, aren’t you?” “Silence, I must win, and you of all people will not beat me! You’re a rookie, and I’m a feared champion of this game, beating many alchemist on my journey! You shall not end this!” Iñigo then used his Chemical Reconstruction to create his Waterlogged Dragon. “I see you made your creation yet again. I’m rather impressed, but you will have to have a lot more than that to end this. “You might be right, but this battle need to end. Now my Heliumite, take down his sodiumite. Then Calciumite, follow up his attack. You are down to two thousand nine hundred funds, My Waterlogged dragon will be able to end this, go in for the final strike!” The dragon burst toward Alter with immense strength, but Alter was too calm to just accept this defeat, as to what Iñigo could tell. “I now use my Alchemy Burst to bring down your beast! Ha Ha Ha Ha, you lose this time, for I will be able to make my Saly Rager next turn with my chemical reconstruction!” they watched as the dragon was about to crumble back into the elemites that made it, only to see that the dragon still charged forward. “What! Why isn’t it disassembling yet! Only my discovery would be unaffected by the affect, and that’s during the turn of creation. You can expect me to believe that your dragon does the same!” “I can’t say I would have know that it would do that. I’ve only just discovered it you know.” “I can’t just lose like this, you will pay for this!” Alter then fell to his knees. The dragon tackled him to the ground, ending the battle.

 Iñigo realised that was quite a dangerous hit, thus ran to him. “You alright there Alter?” “I’m sorry, but I knew one day I would lose, this is why I made sure that you were capable of doing it. Now there is a great evil that will come for you. Necromancers that work for an entity that passed on a long time ago will attack this town until they have the power to resurrect their fallen leader. I must ask you to prevent this at all cost. You must defeat each of them in battle, for they aren’t physically bound to this world. They will disappear afterward back to their proper grave. You mustn’t let them will, or else their leader will bring an end to this world, for he would have the power to control all of life. You are the one to do this, I will try to aid in your fight, but after all the time I had to keep them imprisoned in me, I won’t be able to assist just yet. I wish you luck, and please get me so…” Alter fainted.