2019 ELCA Glocal Workshops

May 4, 2019- (45 minute sessions) offered at 1:15 PM and 2:15 PM

Engaging One Another Missionally to Become a Multicultural Church- Albert Starr

(Congregational and Synodical Mission Unit: Racial Justice Ministries, Ethnic-specific Ministries, Multicultural Ministries)

A missional church welcomes and accompanies the neighbor.  However, how do we accompany our neighbor when he or she is someone with a different story, age, culture, gender, class, religion, race, country of origin, immigration status, etc.?  This faith-based journey begins with conversation.  This workshop introduces resources that can help with getting to know the story of your own congregation first and then getting to know the story of those you are not yet familiar with. As a missional congregation, you can then begin to become a truly multicultural church, and move away from “ministering to” and move toward “ministering with.”


On the Move: Conversation on Faith and Migration- Alaide Ibarra

Migration is at the core of the biblical narrative.  Adam and Eve must leave the garden of Eden; Abraham and Sarah venture out with nothing but a promise; Moses guides the people across the sea and into freedom; Jesus begins his life as a refugee hiding from Herod.  Part of the sustaining power of these religious narratives is drawn from the fact that they speak profoundly to our own stories of change-migrations across national or physical boundaries or beyond personal boundaries of belief and experience.  Join us for conversation.


Companion Synods: More about India and the SALC- Mark and Brenda Wagner

Learn more about the culture and context of the Lutheran Church in India with our guests from the South Andhra Lutheran Church and members of the SALC/NE MN Companion Synod Committee. The Companion Synod ministries with India, Honduras and Russia invite you and your congregation to expand your understanding of the global and local church.


Mental Health and Youth: How Your Church Can Start a Conversation-

                                                                                        Catherine Anderson and Joy Hensel

Historically not all churches have known how to talk about mental health and mental illnesses. What are the needs today? How can the church be helpful in accompanying youth and families experiencing mental illnesses themselves, or with their friends? Join us for an overview on mental health trends, helpful practices, and ways your church can start conversations to break stigma and bring hope.


ELCA World Hunger- Juliana Glassco

ELCA World Hunger is our church’s collective response to creatively and courageously work toward a just world where all are fed. Together, we address the root causes of hunger by supporting local programs that transform relationships within and between people and communities, integrate services to address multiple root causes, and seek systemic change through holistic ministry.


Music – A Language That Speaks Volumes- ELCA Glocal Teaching Musicians

If music has a language of its own, how can we learn it? What is it made of? Is it really universal? In this workshop we sing and share our songs and stories in order to understand what they are telling us, beyond their lyrics, and be able to share their meaning with others. (Learn how to sing songs from four different continents of the world. Experiment how to play drums, percussion, sing in different languages and explore different styles of music.