To our Unitarian Universalist siblings,                                                         Sept. 6, 2017

Spirit of Life, Love and Justice we are hurting. We feel betrayed by the United States government and the people who support the current administration. We are angry and afraid, we are in pain and we don’t know whom to trust.  Who will be by our side long-term in this fight to be seen, heard and valued as people?  

As Unitarian Universalists, we look to our theology and to our UU Principles for hope, for direction, for strength. Where is our unified voice denouncing this egregious violation to human rights? Where are our allies who will be in this struggle with us?  We cry out for solidarity, for justice, for shared resistance.

Spirit of Life, Love, and Justice, hear our call. Amplify our voices, strengthen our spirits and galvanize our allies.  Help our allies to be in relationship with us and to recognize our strength as well as our pain and suffering. Above all, help our allies widen their hearts that they may love unconditionally and see the inherent worth and dignity of the 800,000 who are crying out for justice right here, right now.


Our hearts are breaking for them and their families. Our hearts are breaking for this nation. But we are not broken and we ask for your blessing as we continue the battle for liberation.

In the name of all that is Holy, Good, and Just, we pray.

Amen. Ashe! Blessed Be.

We the undersigned Latinx Unitarian Universalists invite you to lament with us AND to take action in solidarity with the Latinx community in condemning the removal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Enacted under President Obama in 2012, DACA was established in response to Congress’ then failure to act and provide a comprehensive overhaul to what continues to be an inhumane immigration system. Immigrant youth were promised that if they came forward they would be allowed to live and work without fear of deportation.Today, that promise has been broken. Today, 800,000 human beings who are currently in school and/or employed are under threat of deportation to countries where many have no family, don’t know the languages and where they face homelessness, violence, and the pain of being separated from their country and families. Rescinding DACA is tantamount to sentencing 800,000 of our young people to destitution and suffering.

A Call To Action

We challenge our congregations to move beyond their comfort zones and take meaningful action in their communities. To build accountable relationships with Latinx communities and #AskListenSupport those voices. Ask what is needed. Listen to the answer and then Support the vision, no matter if it is agreed with or understood. Latinx people have the right to agency and autonomy in our fight for liberation. Allyship is not allyship if it comes with conditions.

“The DACA program would not have existed but for the fierce tenacity of young people who took to the streets to share their stories. They worked to shine light not just on themselves but the struggle and plight of the entire immigrant community. Today, we will invoke their vision and courage as we work to support those most deeply affected.” Jackie Gonzalez, immigration policy director at Centro Legal de la Raza

Unitarian Universalists, find your nearest DACA protest, and go and show up for those who now must cling to the shadows in order to protect their families. Utilize #Resist to notify your governmental leaders that not only should DACA be restored, but permanent protections are needed.  Use your privilege to count for those who cannot be counted. And then don’t stop there! Because every day we are fighting for our freedom; it is not a choice, it is not something we can set down. Neither should it be for you. We all are in the fight for nothing less than our mutual liberation.

“Just as we have been there for one another to celebrate our victories, we must also be there for one another during times of grief. So while we take the time to recollect, let us all be reminded that DACA was victoriously achieved through community organizing and base building. We have the power within all of us to organize and fight back, not just for the 800,000 DACA beneficiaries, but for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country.” Luis Serrano, Communications Director from California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

 ¡Sí se puede! ¡La Lucha Continúa!


Christina Rivera, Dir. Admin & Finance UU Charlottesville, UUA Board of Trustees

Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

Lilia Cuervo

Rev. Marta I. Valentin, UU Church Medford, UU Denominational Advisor Harvard Divinity School

Julio Torres, UU Ministerial Candidate

Tania Marquez

Beth Leyba, Congregational Connection Coordinator, Jefferson Unitarian Church

Rev. Dr. Maria Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa, Minister Starr King UU Church Hayward, CA

Rev Maria McCabe

Rev Marisol Caballero

Rev. Sofia Betancourt, Asst. Professor of UU Theologies & Ethics, Starr King School for Ministry

Cassie Montenegro

Claudia Jimenez

Lee Marie Sanchez

Katie Resendiz de Perez, Dir. of Children’s Ministries UU Congregation of Phoenix

Yvette Salinas

Kathleen McGregor, UU Ministerial Candidate

Alison Aguilar Lopez Gutierrez McLeod, DRE of UUFSD

Claudia Lizett Lopez

Rev. Jorge Espinel, Ministerio Latinx, Church of the Larger Fellowship

Marissa Gutiérrez-Vicario, Trainer - UU College of Social Justice,

                                           Board Member- UU Women’s Federation

Tony Brumfield, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego

Rev. Theresa I. Soto, UU Congregation of Flint

Alex Dixon

And for our sibling UU’s who cannot sign exactly because of the injustice we protest, we carry your names in our hearts.