77.11 Travel

432. One benefit of working at Starbucks - the best looking professional women stop in.  Nice.  There is a constant stream of people pissing away money on fufu drinks.

433. https://ps.glucocil.com/positive/nx/xp/?affId=mf&sub=nxxp&c1=ps-op-ch-1&utm_source=mf&utm_medium=display&utm_term=normal%20blood%20sugar&utm_content=nxxp&utm_campaign=pnps

434. 10 Ways To Improve My Business:

  1. do all computing at my makeshift standing desk
  2. handwrite some/many drafts in public spaces - Starbucks, McDonald’s, bookstore
  3. spend 1 month on nothing but short posts and product reviews
  4. join affiliate programs using my corporate name
  5. keep proper corporate records
  6. get my cloud printer working off the chromebook
  7. no computing in the TV room (no multitasking)
  8. keep TV turned off during the day even as background noise
  9. set up video marketing for each new product
  10. create pushlead campaigns

435.  Women are attracted to bad boys. It’s not that women are attracted to bad people, but they are drawn to many of the qualities of the guy fitting the bad boy stereotype. The I don’t give a shit attitude, the self confidence, the masculinity, and extrovert alpha male traits.

436. Affiliate marketing is still viable, but maybe it’s time to up the ante.  In my own case, I won’t even buy an affiliate product unless the seller has included a ton of “bonuses”, or if I use my own affiliate link to buy at a discount.  Most of the good bonuses I could put together, but it would take me hours and hours to find all of the free videos and pdfs.  It’s cheaper and more productive to buy from a competitor.  Knowledge is better than one commission.

437. What I need to do is continue to market affiliate products that I use, and at the same time, write a series of ebooks/kindle books to create my own unique authority.  I won’t list them here.  I don’t want to destroy the mojo.  I will only write books that will help me - and I hope others - to live their remaining years to the fullest.  Walk the walk.  No fake it ‘til you make it.

438. When I look at people my age, I see old people.  I don’t see that in the mirror.  Maybe it’s my mind altering the image.  I don’t know.  But I’m not giving in to time without a fight.  At this time, I am completing a free ebook on mail order bride scams.  This is to give away in order to build my list of followers.  Over the years, I have resisted building a list.  I have to remember I am building a list not to fleece them but to learn and advise.

439. For you and me, we need to work on the theme.  Your life’s theme.  All that matters is, “What do I need to do next?”  Traditional goals like annual plans or New Year’s Resolution are not only useless but counterproductive.  Why set yourself up for failure the way your company, boss, parent, teacher, or spouse has done your whole life.

440. Copyright is dead.  Or close to it.  If you are a writer, expect your work to be copied, used, stolen, and abused.  I have even had attorneys steal my article word for word off Ezinearticles and publish it on their site with their copyright notice.

441. Outline - YouTube Marketing Excellence

  1. second largest search engine
  2. extremely underutilized by marketers
  3. hard to engage visitors with text alone
  4. fantastic opportunity to deliver a powerful message
  5. success on YouTube is all about having something interested to say and a unique way to deliver that point
  6. YouTube success involves a little more work than some of the other strategies you might have tried in the past
  7. YouTube is a website that allows users to upload videos from their computers so that they will be hosted online
  8. YouTube also allows other users to search through those videos using cross searches to find content they find interesting
  9. Creators can improve their likelihood of their content being discovered meanwhile by using smart titles and the right keywords that will act as search terms
  10. allows users to create profiles (and channels) and it allows for direct messaging as well as commenting on videos
  11. your YouTube profile will be the same as your Google Plus profile
  12. Using YouTube ads, creators can earn money from their videos (when a user watches through to the end or clicks on an ad) or they can promote their own channels via other users
  13. YouTube celebrities and many of these are now making a lot of money by selling products to their legions of fans, or by getting sponsors for their videos
  14. making money from a YouTube channel represents ‘living the dream’
  15. benefit of allowing you to provide entertainment, information and all-round value to your visitors, while at the same time letting you communicate with your audience and position yourself as an authority in your niche/industry
  16. content marketing doesn’t have to mean just articles
  17.  videos created by businesses are designed specifically to go viral and to support social marketing campaigns
  18. develop a brand
  19. tie all of your online products together and to thereby get more from every video you upload

442. Funny how all that touchy feely stuff really does hold one back from making real money.  Many times in the past I sabotaged myself in ways I don’t understand.  

In hard economic times, we become satisfied with getting by.  In my case, Peace Corps training and experience make getting by almost effortless.  We learned to live on nothing.  I’m still not a person who needs stuff to be happy.

443. The best way to handle the monthly bills is not to have any.  Wealth does not have to mean mansions and gates and a staff to take care of it all.  More people are getting rich than at any time in human history.  Look at China.  A wretched country 20 years ago, special matchmaking events take place for millionaire women in their 30s and 40s who have it all - except a husband.  Making money is relatively easy, but our minds tell us it should be more complicated.  It can take time, which is why most of us try to shortcut the process.

444. With all that I want to do, I need approximately 77 days to depart the U.S., maybe for good.

445. If you are young, you can learn to invest and build wealth over time.  If you are older, you can learn to create an online business to build recurring income to act as a second pension.  The first step to true financial freedom is creating a wealthy mindset for yourself. This also involves a no-holds barred, all-in, honest look at your life and assets.

446. While I am giving myself 77 days (11 weeks) to prepare for my perpetual traveler life theme, and to leave this awful city, I want AAI much sooner.  I have been all over the place with fits and starts.  Time to get busy.

447. Setting annual business plans or New Year’s resolutions remains an exercise in frustration.  And yet we all want to do it.  We plan and plan using a best case scenario knowing anything from an illness to a freak snowstorm can knock us off our game.  I believe I can turn my current life around and be on the way to Vietnam in 77 days from today.

448. To be free to travel, I have to up my game mentally, physically, and financially.  We all have obligations we have taken on that must be adjusted or shed to get us where we want to be. The 77 days is an effort to focus the mind.

449. Why Vietnam when I spent my youth staying away from that place?  For Introvert Boomer Males without a history fighting there, Vietnam appears to be in a fast growth position with an educated population, low wages, and decent technology infrastructure.  I do know veterans who will not go near the place.  I considered Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Cebu or Palawan in the Philippines, and these places would be in line for expansion if HCM City works out.

450. My objective is 2 fold:

1. hire and train young women as Internet marketers

2. create an international marriage agency (the right way) for women willing to marry IBMs*

451. Setting up the agency will be expensive.  Having a team of women who will promote my blogs and affiliate products should turn into the marriage agency base.  If the marketing firm is making money, it will be easy to shift the better workers over to running the website and recruiting local women for inclusion in our directory.  Salaries in Vietnam make it possible to hire 5 - 10 employees for the price of 1 in the United States.  Maybe even more with virtual employees.

452. I won’t go into all of the details here, but young Vietnamese women by the thousands have been marrying older Korean and Taiwanese men for years now.  Talk about abusive marriages.  Many will see American and other Western men as a desirable alternative.

453. For me to make the move, I have so many fires to put out and self-improvements to enact, that 77 days looks more like a minimum than a maximum.  All people deal with health, wealth, and relationship issues when trying to maximize their life themes.  I am no different.

454. There’s no way I want to travel overseas without having my diabetes and blood sugar under control naturally.  I know what I have to do, but like an addict, I keep eating sweets and avoiding vigorous exercise.  77 days is more than enough time to get in shape and keep my sugar cravings under control.  When you are traveling in SE Asia, sugary foods are seldom an issue.  But you have to be virtually diabetes free to handle the rice.  I just don’t want to be dependent on insulin, pills, or exotic vitamins.

455. I firmly believe that everyone - either employed or on Social Security Income - needs a side hustle.  Affiliate marketing is the ultimate side hustle for beginners.  It costs nothing to get started, and you can get paid quickly into your PayPal account or bank account.  When you travel, you can access your funds from most countries in the world, or transfer to a credit card and use the card for most expenses.

Perfect Brides for Introvert Boomer Males

Now, the world of international marriage, or “mail order brides”, has changed in recent years except in the public perception and media.  Of course, there is no such thing as a mail order bride today.  You must have met in person before getting a fiancee visa approved.



No more catalog or picture brides from the 1870s.





This article is not about history, but why international marriage is the best route for boomer males who still have game and who don’t want to wake up each morning with a real old lady.

I can hear the hate sizzling among baby boomer women.  For as long as there have been men and women, no matter the culture, alpha males pursue young women.  But there is little doubt that a man my age (62) can find a bride younger, taller, prettier, sexier, and better educated than he can find at home.

And not just a gold digging visa whore like your female “friends” are likely to claim.

I can understand that your children will not want a new wife in the will.  So what.  No one has a right to your money or estate without your consent.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather leave money to a young woman who is screwing my brains out each day over greedy grown children.

Let’s look at why you might want to consider a “mail order bride” at this stage of life:

  1. you can search through hundreds of thousands of potential brides that god knows why think you are a catch
  2. learning about her culture keeps your brain stimulated and young
  3. all of the women you meet have an interest in finding a husband
  4. using online profiles and photos, you can eliminate all women not right for you
  5. at the same time, you can see if you are what she is looking for
  6. more choice than you can choose from than in a lifetime of bars and church socials
  7. only one opinion about your bride matters - yours
  8. depending on the country, she will likely be 10~25 years younger

IBMs* - Why You Inc. Remains Option One for Walkabout Solopreneurs

Books have been around decades that preach the benefits of starting your own corporation.  In recent years, Limited Liabilities Companies have sprung up to provide many of the same benefits without so much paperwork, but nothing replaces the C corporation for protecting an individual from the modern #metoo/SJW attacks on men and capitalism.

The Retirement Con Job

The retirement our fathers enjoyed is now a myth dumped in the dustbin of history.

A pension is what’s referred to as a defined benefit plan. The payout promised to a worker upon retirement is guaranteed according to a formula, usually dependent on salary and number of years of employment.

At first, these pensions were created by the government to benefit soldiers who fought in and survived the Revolutionary War.  Later, pensions were offered to soldiers from the Civil War, and every war since then.  (Not always a happy result - think of the Bonus Marchers and MacArthur.)

Similar pension promises funded from public coffers expanded to cover retirees from other branches of government.

States and cities followed suit extending pensions to all sorts of municipal workers ranging from policemen to politicians, teachers to trash collectors.  One selling point was workers trading lower salaries at government jobs for better benefits, including pensions.

To attract and keep good employees, private companies began offering pensions of their own.  The first corporate pension was offered by the American Express Company in 1875. By the late 60s, half of all private sector employees were covered by pension plans.

Over time, when all companies offered pensions, it became less effective as an incentive to keep employees and more like an entitlement.  Instead of a benefit to corporations, pensions became a burden.

As America’s corporations grew and their employees started hitting retirement age, the funding required to meet current and future pension funding obligations became absolutely huge.

The more poorly-capitalized firms began defaulting on their pensions, stiffing those who had been loyal to the company.

I am reminded of flight attendants who were paid shit wages with a promise of a good pension.  Numerous airlines declared bankruptcy and killed their pension obligations in reorganization.

The 70s and 80s saw the introduction of personal retirement savings plans. The Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) was formed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1974, and the first 401k was created in 1980.

These savings vehicles are known as defined contribution plans. The future payout of the plan is variable and depends on how much income the worker directs into the fund over their working lifespan, as well as the return on the fund’s investments.

I remember it being sold to employees who began switching from company to company.  You could use an IRA to create a personal pension, and not have to be vested to receive a payout.

401k plans let you manage the funds instead of relying on your employer to make investment decisions.

Because it shifted the burden of retirement funding away from the company onto its employees, corporations loved it. It removed a massive and ever-growing liability off the balance sheet, and improved the forecast for future earnings and cash flow.

Unless the company matches contributions, they are totally off the hook.

U.S. workers were promised that they would be better off when reaching retirement age.  How is that working out for you?

The data seems to show that the new retirement plans did not take human nature into account.  Just because people have the option to save money for later use doesn’t mean they actually will.

Not every American worker is offered a 401k or similar retirement plan through work. Twenty years ago, many companies matched contributions, making them a great deal.  Even still, 21% of workers who have a 401k option choose not to participate.  Today, most 401k plans have no company contributions.

As a result, 1 in 4 of those aged 45-64 and 22% of those 65+ have $0 in retirement savings with 49% percent of all American adults saving nothing for retirement.

After all, where’s the first place you cut back when times are tight, a job is lost, or an illness occurs?

We forget that not all Medicare expenses are paid by the government.  Over half of all Americans do not have enough savings to cover even the Medicare out-of-pocket expenses.

One-third of retirees live on Social Security alone - about $1,200 a month on average.

Is it any wonder that most baby boomers plan to keep working?  That’s why I suggest taking your retirement back by turning your interests or hobbies into a side hustle.

Even if you are lucky enough to be expecting a public pension, your pension is uncertain.  Cities have been going bankrupt.

Due to underfunded contributions, portfolio under-performance due to the Federal Reserve’s 0% interest rate, and poor fund management, many of the federal and state pensions are woefully inadequate to fulfill their obligations.

In Jacksonville, the people have approved using future sales tax revenue to fund police pensions.  I expect other options, and new policemen will not have the same generous pensions.

Bottom line: when it comes to retirement you’re on your own.

The promises you’ve been given are proving woefully insufficient to fund the “retirement” dream.  Deal with it.  Create your own anytime, anywhere income and earn from your knowledge and experience.

For far too many Americans, “retirement” will remain a myth. Don’t be one of the dreamers.