Curiosity Magazine - Bringing You the Bigger Picture

Curiosity is a magazine for the conscious traveler. It’s for those who want to really know about the world around them. It’s easy to visit a place, see its sights, eat its food, have a great trip, and miss out entirely on the bigger picture. We focus on that bigger picture: on history, politics, culture, and context.

Curiosity Magazine’s readers are curious about backgrounds, politics, ingredients, and people. They love stories. They ask questions.  They look for local insight. They try to gain perspective. They want to be immersed in a place. They don’t have to be well traveled, but they aim to travel well.

If you’re interested in writing for Curiosity Magazine, please take some time to look through our site to get an idea of the type of stories we like to publish, and to make sure your idea hasn’t already been covered. Send pitches to Include samples to recent work and a bit about your background/where you live. We give preference to local journalists or those who have spent extensive time in the places they’re covering. We like reported stories like this one or this one, and essays like this one, this one, or this one. Please do not pitch lists or ‘how to spend XX hours/days in XX place’ stories.