5th Grade Recommended Supplies



To Parents of Fifth Grade Students:

In the fall of each year, teachers generally ask parents to donate supplies. Parents have requested that these lists be sent out now so that supplies can be purchased during August when many of the stores have special Back to School sales. As always, the school will provide the necessary supplies when families are unable to donate them. These items may be brought to the child’s teacher during the first week of school.


·      1 Pencil Box

·      3 inch binder

·      5 tab divider

·      2 pocket folders with holes for in binder

·      2 composition books

·      1 Daily homework planner

·     10 pads of 3x3 sticky notes (yellow is preferred)


The following personal supply of stationery that fits in their pencil box:

·      Personal Supply of Sharpened #2 Pencil

·      1 Hi-Polymer erasers/white erasers

·      1 Large Glue Stick

·      1 12” Ruler with both cm and in. measurements

·      1 Pair of Youth Scissors

·      1 Box Thin Colored Markers

·      1 Box Colored Pencils

·      1 Black sharpie

·      1 each of red, blue, green, and black ball point pens

·      1 set earbuds or headphones

·      Black or Blue dry erase markers


Each student needs to bring the following items for the class:

·      2 Boxes of Tissues

·      2 Reams of White Copy Paper

·      2 Reams Binder Paper

·      1 Ream of Graph Paper

·      1 container for baby wipes