Community Unit School District #4



PURPOSE: Community Unit School District provides all students access to the Internet, network

resources as well as laptop computers at designated graded levels, as a means to promote achievement and

provide diverse opportunities during the educational experience. This policy provides guidelines and

information about the limitations that the school imposes on use of these resources. In addition to this

policy, the use of any school computer, including laptop computers, also requires students to abide by the

CUSD#4 Technology Use Guidelines as stated in the Student Code of Conduct. Additional rules may be

added as necessary and will become a part of this policy.


Specifically, the student:

Students will back up data and other important files regularly on Google Drive. CUSD#4 will at times maintenance the laptops by imaging. All files not backed up to Google Drive will be deleted during these processes. Students are ultimately responsible for backing up all personal files on their own Google Drive..

By signing this you agree to abide by the conditions listed above and assume responsibility for the care and proper use of CUSD#4 technology, including personally backing up personal data. CUSD#4 is not responsible for any loss resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, lost data, or service interruptions caused by user errors, omissions or reasons beyond the district’s control. Information obtained via the Internet and other sources using CUSD#4 technologies is not guaranteed as to its accuracy or quality.

I understand that should I fail to honor all the terms of this Policy, future Internet and other electronic media

accessibility may be denied. Furthermore, I may be subject to disciplinary action outlined in the CUSD#4 Student Code of Conduct and, if applicable, my Laptop computer may be recalled. By signing below, I give permission for the school to allow my son or daughter to have access to the Internet under the conditions set forth above.

As the parent/guardian, my signature indicates I have read and understand this Required Use Policy, and give my permission for my child to have access to the described electronic resources.

Parent/Guardian (please print): _______________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________Date: _____________

As the student, my signature indicates I have read or had explained to me and understand this Required Use Policy, and accept responsibility for abiding by the terms and conditions outlined and using these resources for educational purposes.

Student (please print): ______________________________________________________

Student Signature: ________________________________________Date: ____________

Terms and Conditions: This RUP is valid through June 30, 2018