Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School
Student and Family Handbook


Called to Belong

“And we know that in all things God works

for the good of those who love Him,

who have been called according to His purpose.”  
Romans 8:28



Dear Parents,

Thank you for making the decision to send your children to Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School. What a blessing it is to have a school where the Gospel is shared each day!

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” At Green Bay Trinity we are here to serve you as partners in raising your children on the solid foundation of God’s Word. Our mission is to provide not only a quality educational program, but to do so in a Christ-centered environment. When your children leave our building, we want them to know they are loved by Jesus, and that their relationship with Him will be everlasting.

As you read through the policies that follow, please feel free to contact any of the staff with questions that you may have.  Again, thank you for choosing Green Bay Trinity, we consider the opportunity to teach your children a blessing!

In Christ,
        The Staff of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School

Mission Statement:        Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School will provide a quality educational program in a Christ-centered environment for all children within our community.

Vision Statement:        Nurturing Mind and Spirit

School Verse:        “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles…” (Isaiah 40:31)

School Colors:        Red and White                School Mascot:        Eagles

2017-18 School Staff
Mr. Ron Schroeder                Interim Principal       

Mrs. Jenna Elfe                7th and 8th Grade Teacher
Ms. Robyn Meyer                5th and 6th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Emily Karbash                3rd and 4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Pam Siudak                1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Carol Spatz                Kindergarten              
Mrs. Melissa Beaumont        PE Teacher              
Mrs. Kellie Meerstein                Admissions Counselor/Athletic Director

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A child may enter Kindergarten if five years old on or before September 1st.  A child may enter first grade if six years old by September 1st, and so on. An official birth certificate from the state must be presented the first time any child is enrolled as verification of name, place, date of birth, and name of parents.  

Exceptions to the age policy will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Wisconsin Certification of Immunization is required by the State Health Department before October 1st.
Children may enroll after a formal application has been approved.

Admission Policy and Procedure
Please follow the procedure below for the admission of a new student:
1.        Contact the school office for an enrollment packet
2.        Complete enrollment information.
3.        Schedule a meeting to visit with and meet the homeroom teacher.
4.        Provide current report card and achievement test scores from most recent school.
5.        Request that records be transferred from most recent school.

Students transferring from other schools or homeschools may be subject to a screening exam, and all students are admitted on a 6-week probationary period. At the conclusion of the 6-week period, student progress and assimilation will be evaluated by the principal and homeroom teacher.

Absence Reporting Procedure
When a student is absent, a parent or guardian should
call the office before 8:15 am to report the absence.  Please provide the child’s name, your name and relationship to the student, the reason the student is absent and a phone number where you can be reached if more information is needed.  For the child’s safety, parents will be contacted when no one has called the school to report the absence.

When your child is ill, such as with a temperature or communicable disease, please keep him/her home.  In case of illness at school, the child is made as comfortable as possible until someone can take the child home.  The person listed on the Emergency Procedure Form will be called to pick up your child if you cannot be reached.  Students exhibiting any of the following symptoms should be kept at home:

•        Vomiting within 12 hours of the start of the school day
•        A temperature of 100.1° or higher
•        Diarrhea
•        Pink Eye

Please remember that this is not an exhaustive list.  Students exhibiting other symptoms that may indicate a communicable disease should be kept home.  Students do not learn well when they do not feel well.

Importance of Attendance
When a child is out of school for vacations or other non-medical reasons, keep in mind that a great deal of learning takes place in the classroom and that many educational lessons build sequentially upon the others.  Therefore, if days are missed, educational progress also is missed and it may be difficult for your child to catch up or fully understand subject matter.  Please keep this in mind if you are planning to take your child out of school for reasons other than illness.

Attendance Standards
If a student accumulates
 9 absences, the family and the Board of Directors will be notified regarding attendance status and doctor’s notes will be required for additional absences.
Students that are absent for more than
12 days during the school year will not be promoted to the next grade unless a plan is created with the Board of Directors and the Principal to make up the missing work and that plan is completed before the end of the year.  Exceptions may be made in cases of extreme sickness or family emergency and may be made on a special case-by-case basis.  

Students that are tardy for three days may be subject to discipline at the discretion of the classroom teacher, including, but not limited to, the issuance of a detention.

Daily Schedule and Closings/Delays
All classes begin at 8:10am and end at 3:15pm.

Students are not to arrive before 7:45am, and students should be in their seats ready to start at 8:10.  The door to the school will be locked until 7:45am.  If special arrangements must be made, parents should speak with the teacher.  The children may be dropped off and picked up at the West entrance to the building.  After the children have arrived, those doors will be locked until 3:00.  Parents should use the South entrance during the day.

Parents picking up their child(ren) before the normal end of the school day are required to notify the classroom teacher or principal and pick up their child(ren) inside the building.  Students will not be allowed to wait outside of the doors for a parent.
Please sign your child(ren) in and out on the clipboard located in the school office.

Students must be picked up by 3:30. Any student not picked up by 3:30 will be sent to Eagle Care and current Eagle Care drop in rates* will apply. (*See Eagle Care policies.) If you do not think you can pick up your child by 3:30, please contact the office to discuss possible arrangements.

Closings and Delays
We will follow the Green Bay Public School District closings and delays in the case of inclement weather.  Closings and delays will be announced on television, radio, and on the websites of various local media outlets.  Closings and delays will also be announced on social media.  If there is a possibility that school may close early and you may be unable to pick up your child, please inform the teacher of the alternative arrangements that you have made for your child.

Early Dismissal
Occasional early dismissals may occur. Parents will be notified as to the time of dismissal.

Emergency Procedures and/or Evacuation Drills
Safety concerns dictate that we periodically practice emergency procedures. During fire or tornado drills it is especially important to show the utmost of attention, cooperation and common sense. Students participate in these drills in a calm and orderly fashion. Fire drill procedures are posted in each classroom. Teachers will familiarize students with these procedures early in the school year.

Emergency Procedures
In the event that our building must be evacuated, the children will be taken to the Dialysis Clinic at 1751 Deckner, across the street from the school.
We ask you to follow this procedure if you hear rumors of any school emergency:
1.        Turn on your radio or television.
2.        Please do not telephone and do not come to the school to pick up your child unless

requested to do so.

Lockdown Procedures
In the event that the Green Bay Police Department or the Green Bay Area Public School District determines that the school needs to be locked down we will follow this procedure:
•        All exterior doors will be locked.
•        Students will remain in the school until the lockdown has ended.
•        Parents will not be allowed to pick up their children until the police have notified us that  

the lockdown has ended.
•        In the event that parents should not come to school to pick up children at dismissal time, parents will be contacted via the website, social media, or telephone.

Student Behavior
The Holy Spirit takes each opportunity that He is given to work faith in our hearts. In our attempts at fulfilling the Christian life and allowing God's love to show through us to others, respect and obedience become evidences of our faith. Respect for one another and obedience to those whom God has provided to be in charge will enable our school and its students to be successful as we together endeavor to put Jesus first in all that we do. Putting Jesus first gives us the reason and the help in our attempts to fulfill all of God's commandments.

In school, students are to conduct themselves as Christians mindful of their Christian obligations. The classrooms will be conducted in such a manner that is conducive to good teaching and learning at all times.

Code of Conduct
We derive our code of conduct from Philippians 1:27-28: 27 “Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel, and not frightened in anything by your opponents. This is a clear sign to them of their destruction, but of your salvation, and that from God.” (ESV)

Here are some guidelines, based on the verses above:
•        Be prompt to school in the morning.
•        Conduct yourself with graciousness and humility.
•        Be respectful to others.
•        Treat those in charge, whether they are staff or volunteers, with respect.
•        Exercise self-control: no fighting or excessive displays of anger or frustration.
•        Be open-minded, willing to listen and learn.
•        Honor the spirit and letter of rules of the school.
•        Be kind to one another; build others up instead of tearing them down.  

Consequences for Violations of the Code of Conduct
Violations of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the labeled “Behavior of Students.”  If you have any questions, please contact the principal.

Conflict Resolution
Matthew 18:15-20 gives us a framework for solving our grievances with one another.  
 “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector. Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (ESV)

In accordance with these verses, we have set up a conflict resolution process, and the steps are outlined on the following page.  We ask that you follow this process to make sure that conflicts are dealt with in a respectful and appropriate manner.  Also, it is important that conflicts are resolved promptly so that they do not adversely affect the students, faculty, or parents of the school. Parents should follow the guidelines from teachers regarding the best time and method to meet with the teacher for questions or concerns.

•        Step 1: The student should present the issue to the teacher as soon as possible.  It is best for students to become their own advocates, instead of relying on someone else.  Most conflicts should be resolved through this step.
•        Step 2: If necessary, the parent should contact the teacher directly regarding the problem.  However, this should not be done directly before, during, or directly after a school day unless scheduled ahead of time.  The parent should contact the teacher and set up an appropriate time to discuss the issue.
•        Step 3: If needed, the parent and/or student should then bring their concern to the principal.  The parent should inform the teacher that they will be contacting the principal.  The principal will schedule a meeting with all of the parties involved.  If the issue is not successfully resolved at the meeting, the principal will respond to the issue within a reasonable amount of time.  If the principal and the classroom teacher are the same person, please proceed directly to the next step.
•        Step 4: If the conflict has still not been resolved to the satisfaction of all of the parties involved, the student and/or parent may contact the president of the Board of Directors.  The principal should be informed of this contact before it is made.  There are no guarantees that the outcome will satisfy everyone, but the president of the Board of Directors will lead a thorough and productive airing of all of the concerns involved.

Parents and students should feel confident that there will be no retribution from any teacher or student for using the conflict resolution process.  The principal and the teachers are all committed to resolving conflicts so that everyone may focus on Christ and their academic endeavors.

Green Bay Trinity has adopted rules and regulations to promote an orderly and wholesome atmosphere in which knowledge can be acquired.  A detention system has been created to foster a sense of mutual respect and aid in the growth of self-discipline for students.  Additional infractions of the rules may be determined by the teacher involved based on the nature of the infraction.  Students must also obey the classroom policies established by individual teachers.

A student will serve his/her detention for one hour.  Parents/Guardians will be notified at least one day in advance of the day of detention.  Parents/Guardians will receive a detention notice that must be signed, dated, and returned the following school day.  (Failure to get parental/guardian signature and/or returning this notice on time will result in another detention.)  A student scheduled to serve a detention must attend the next school day. After school jobs, practices for athletics, club participation, catching the bus, car pools etc. will be no excuse for missing detention.  A teacher will supervise the detention period during which the student may be given a task to complete.

Demerit Policy
Infraction of the following rules will result in a student receiving one demerit:
•        Disobeying classroom rules
•        Having gum, candy, pop in the school building without permission
•        Running in hallways
•        Violation of the dress code
•        Bringing to school inappropriate comic books, magazines, or anything else that could

create a nuisance
•        Using electronic devices in conflict with the Personal Device Policy
•        Loitering in or making excessive noise in restroom

Consequences of demerits accumulated in one quarter will be as follows:
First & Second Demerit:  The student will miss half of recess and a behavior log will be sent home to be signed by a parent
Third Demerit:  Above consequences in addition to a one hour detention.
Fourth Demerit: All above consequences and ineligible for extra-curriculars for two weeks.
Fifth Demerit:  All above consequences and parents, teacher, and principal meet to create a behavior plan.

Automatic Detention
Infraction of the following rules can result in a student receiving an automatic detention.  (An automatic detention will count as 3 demerits towards the school year total)
•        Repeatedly disobeying classroom rules
•        Disrespect of people
•        Stealing, cheating, or lying
•        Using profanity or vulgarity
•        Using/possessing tobacco or non prescribed drugs, including alcohol
•        Attempting to hurt or harm anyone
•        Bringing to school harmful items such as matches, knives, etc.
•        Violation of the Acceptable Use Policy
•        Damage to school/church property
•        Bullying or causing physical harm

Note: These are not exhaustive lists of all of the behaviors that could result in a demerit or automatic detention.  The teacher shall use his/her judgment in each situation, with the support of the school staff.

Classroom Behavior
It is important that each person in the classroom be mindful of the rights of others. Students need to take care to keep their part of the classroom in proper order. The counters, shelves, tables and other areas of the classroom are also to be areas of common concern.

Suspension and Expulsion Policy
Continued problems will result in the following:
1.        One Day In-School Suspension
2.        One Day At-Home Suspension
3.        Expulsion

At-Home Suspension can be lifted only by a conference with the parent/guardian, principal, teacher, and a member of the Board of Directors within two school days of the infraction.  

If a student’s presence in school will be injurious to the health, morals, or education of other pupils or the welfare of the school, At-Home Suspension (with number of days decided at this time) or expulsion by the Board of Directors will result immediately.

Written records of the above disciplinary steps will be maintained in the student's file, and all school work must be completed satisfactorily during suspensions.

If a parent/student(s) fail(s) or refuses to meet the outlined step(s) of compliance of a policy or rule in any meeting of principal/board member, or board member/teacher, the Board reserves the right to suspend or expel such student.

Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School will not tolerate harassment of any person by any staff member, parent, or students relating to the person's gender, race, color, religion, age, or handicap. The term "harassment" includes, but is not limited to slurs, jokes, and other verbal, graphic, or physical contact relating to a person's gender, race, color, religion, age or handicap.

Those individuals who believe they have been the victims of any type of harassment should immediately report the conduct to the principal.   The report will be held in confidence.  Following an investigation of the incident, appropriate action will be taken.

Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School defines bullying as “a repeated, unwanted, and aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance between two or more people.”  Behavior among the same students will be considered bullying after multiple occurrences.  
If you believe that your son or daughter is either being bullied or is displaying bullying behavior, follow this procedure:
1.        Share your concern with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.
2.        If behavior continues report the behavior to the principal.  The principal will ask you to

describe the incident in writing. The principal will notify the teacher(s) of the student(s)

involved to observe the student(s) closely
3.        If the behavior continues, immediately report it to the principal.  The principal, along with

the president of the Board of Directors, will determine whether the behavior qualifies as

“bullying.”  If they decide that the behavior qualifies, a conference will be called between

the principal, the classroom teacher(s), the student(s), and parents involved.  The

meeting will be held in accordance with Matthew 18 and will be conducted in a thorough,

yet respectful manner.
4.        If the behavior happens again after the conference, please report it to the principal.  The

principal and the president of the Board of Directors will make a determination as to the

appropriate action to be taken with the student(s) involved.

Weather permitting, the children will go outside for recess two or three times a day.  They should be dressed accordingly.  When there is snow on the blacktop, boots must be worn.  Students in grades K-4 must wear snow pants also.  Students in grades 5-8 may not go onto the snow without boots.

Recess Behavior Guidelines
General rules that must be followed at all times include:
•        Hands, equipment, and all other objects should be used in an appropriate manner.  

Other students should not be endangered in any way.
•        Treat other people with respect, both physically and verbally.
•        All equipment needs to be returned to the proper places at the end of recess.
•        No horseplay.
•        Good sportsmanship and appropriate language are required.

When inside, the following rule applies:
•        Stay in the gym unless given permission by the monitor to leave.

When outside, the following rules apply:
•        Stay within visual range of the supervisor.
•        Do not go behind the garage, between parked cars, or off the grounds of OSLC.
•        Be aware of traffic in the parking lot

The first time a rule is broken, the student will be given a verbal warning.  On the second offense, the student will be sent inside and a demerit may be given.

Dress Code
We feel that at Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School we have the responsibility to maintain a certain level of dignity in our dress and actions. We are representatives of Christ. Therefore, the following guidelines will be followed concerning student dress.

Shirts and Blouses:
•        Tank tops are not allowed.
•        All shirts must fully cover undergarments.
•        Midriff, back and cleavage must be covered during the course of normal school activities,

i.e., sitting, leaning, reaching, etc.
•        Printed wording and pictures on shirts should be school appropriate and in support of our

Christian values.

•        Pants must be worn at the waist and completely cover undergarments, the backside of

sports pants must be free from wording.
•        Pajama pants are not appropriate for school nor are pants or shorts that contain rips or


Skirts and Shorts: 
•        The length of skirts and shorts must be at least halfway past the ends of the finger tips

and the tops of the knees when the arms are positioned at the side of the body.  This is

mid-thigh length.  
•        Spandex shorts, biker shorts, and cut-offs are not permitted.
•        The backside must be free of wording.
•        Leggings must be covered by a shirt, shorts, or a skirt to mid-thigh.

•        School footwear should be properly tied and for safety reasons high heels, clog type, or backless shoes are not acceptable for the children.
•        Gym shoes must be worn during physical education classes.  Black soles that leave marks are not allowed.
•        No flip flops should be worn.

•        Dirty, torn, and ripped clothing should not be worn.  
•        Excessive make up should not be worn.
•        We encourage students to dress up for chapel and special occasions.  Dresses, blouses,

skirts, dress shirts, and non-denim slacks are suggested clothing.

The above are only minimum guidelines or limits that our school will enforce. It is appreciated that Christian parents very likely have higher standards of dress and grooming.
Classroom temperatures vary with air conditioning and heating so it is a good idea to dress in layers in all seasons.

The dress code is in effect any time a student is at a school function, including before and after school hours and school functions that occur off-site (such as away games).

If the teacher feels that clothing is not appropriate, parents may be asked to bring appropriate clothing to school or the student may be asked to wear clothing provided by the school.

Personal Electronic Device Policy
All personal electronic devices must be turned off and not used during the school day (7:45am-3:30pm) unless being used for academic reasons and the classroom teacher has given permission for its use. Personal electronic devices are prohibited from use in the bathrooms at all times. Failing to comply with the guidelines listed below or with the guidelines listed in the “GBLSA Acceptable Use Policy”, which every student signed at the beginning of the school year, will be considered a violation of this policy.

The following is a set of minimum guidelines for the use of personal electronic devices:
•        Personal electronic devices may be used for academic reasons at the discretion of the

•        Students must ask the teacher for permission before taking the device out of storage
•        Device must be visible to teacher at all times when in use
•        Device may not disrupt or distract the learning process
•        The use of headphones is at the discretion of the teacher
•        Before leaving the classroom, all devices need to be turned off and put back into storage
•        Devices may be used during travel to and from sporting events at the discretion of the

•        Computers must meet the following requirements:
                - Must have an up-to-date, fully supported operating system (Current minimum:

Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Mac OS X 10.8.5)
        - Must have functional, fully updated anti-virus software

•         GB Trinity, its staff and employees are not liable for any device stolen or damaged on

campus or at school activities
•        If a staff member believes that the device may pose a threat to the school network, it

may be removed from the network.

If the policy is violated once, the device will be surrendered to the principal and may be picked up after school.  

If the policy is violated again, the device will be surrendered to the principal.  Parents may come and pick up the device after school—it will not be returned to the student.  In addition, the device will no longer be available for use during the school day.

Athletic Eligibility
Details are available in the Athletic Handbook.

Extra-Curricular Eligibility
All students must maintain a C- or high in every class.  If any of a student’s grades fall below a C-, the teacher will notify the principal.  The student will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for 14 days.  On the fourteenth day, eligibility will be reviewed.

Worship Opportunities
Students will meet for chapel at 8:30 on Wednesdays in the church.  Pastors from Our Saviour, Hope, Christ of the Bay, Redeemer, Faith, and RAIZED Lutheran churches, and teachers from Trinity and NEW Lutheran High will lead the services.  At times the children may give the message.  You are always welcomed and encouraged to join us for chapel.

Chapel Offerings
We will designate special mission projects for our chapel offerings. Please help your child become a good steward of God’s blessings by supporting these mission projects.

Trinity events
As the opportunity presents itself, we may participate in Sunday services at association churches.  All students are encouraged to attend these services.

Sunday Worship
We encourage parents to have their families attend worship on Sunday mornings.  It is a critical part of the faith development of the faith of both students and parents.

Monetary Policies

General Monetary Policy
If you are sending money to the school, please place it in the drop box in the office.  
Do not hand money to teachers or other staff.  Money sent to school should be in an envelope with your child’s name and what it is for.  If at any time you are experiencing financial difficulty and cannot make payments or have difficulty paying for field trips, supplies, etc., please discuss this with the principal. We want Trinity to be affordable for everyone.

Tuition Collection
Tuition revenue, fundraisers, and association congregation support fund the Green Bay Trinity Lutheran budget. The timely collection of tuition is a necessity for the efficient management of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran financial situation. Therefore, the School Board, in Christian love and concern, institutes this policy to assist in the effort to exercise responsible stewardship.
Fees are payable to Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School Association. Registration fee is due upon registration in February.  Students whose families have not satisfied their tuition obligation for any given year may not be allowed to attend Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School in subsequent years, pending board approval.

Tuition Payment
On the signed Tuition Form, parents may choose one of the following options;
1.        Pay tuition in full in August by the Registration deadline;
2.        Enroll in the Simply Giving program - automatic withdrawal is required.  Choosing either

the ten (10) monthly payment plan option or the twelve (12) monthly payment plan

option; or

3.        Tuition may be paid in two (2) payments as outlined below:

  1.  Payment one (1) for first semester tuition is due at registration in August.
  2. Payment two (2) for second semester tuition is due on or before January 15th of the current school year.
  3. If the second (2nd) semester tuition is not paid by January 15th of the current school year, enrollment in Simply Giving Auto Pay will be required for the second semester.
  4. A late fee of $50 will be assessed for payments made after the August due date and/or the January 15th due date if the two (2) payment option was chosen.

If tuition is not paid in full under one (1) of the options listed above and/or arrangements are not made as part of registration, a meeting must be scheduled with the Board President, Bookkeeper and/or Treasurer no later than September 15th of the current school year at which time arrangements to pay the tuition must be made and enrollment in Simply Giving Auto Pay will be required.  A $50 late fee will be assessed and must be paid.

Tuition that remains unpaid on May 31st of the current school year without any attempt to make other arrangements will be flagged for collection.

All overdraft fees are the responsibility of the family.

Tuition and Fee Refunds

In administering the fiscal considerations of Green Bay Lutheran School Association, it is assumed that a balanced budget is essential to the fiscal health of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School and that accurate projections are essential to a balanced budget.  Advance billing meets the true cash flow demands of a school with a 12-month operation.  Therefore, a student leaving after enrolling taxes the school’s financial plans and creates financial administrative difficulty.  These guidelines concerning the refunding of tuition and fees are in effect:

Association Member Status
Association member status is verified by the school prior to the beginning of the school year. Association tuition rates apply only to families holding membership at an association congregation. The association congregations are

If your church status changes at any time during the school year, tuition will be prorated from the date of your membership change.

Financial Aid and Tuition Offset programs
Although the school expects families to make financial sacrifices to send their children to Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School, we want to ensure that financial hardships do not prevent students from attending.  To this end, financial aid may be granted under special circumstances but families are asked to seriously consider their need before applying.  Aid will be granted by the executive committee of the School Board prior to each school year and, in some special cases, during the school year.  The following outlines the school’s financial aid policy.

•        The school will allocate up to 5% of its total tuition received (# of students multiplied by

current tuition rate) each academic year for annual financial hardship assistance.
•        A small portion of this financial assistance pool may be held to assist families with

unexpected financial shortfalls during the school year.
•        Families can annually receive up to half of their children’s total tuition obligation in

financial aid.
•        Financial aid will be distributed on a semester basis. If a student is withdrawn from GB

Trinity Lutheran School, all financial aid from the following semester will be revoked, and

all tuition for the current year, as well as any tuition that is unpaid from previous years,

will remain payable in full (per the guidelines in Tuition and Fee Refunds policy).

Qualifications & Consideration
•        Families are asked to first approach their own congregation for financial assistance.
•        As a guide, families qualifying for reduced price or free meals as defined by U.S. Dept. of

Agriculture’s most recent “Income Eligibility Guidelines” will be given priority

consideration for financial aid.
•        Families experiencing significant life change situations or unforeseen financial hardships

like catastrophic medical bills or casualty losses not covered by insurance may also

qualify.  Limited financial resources in these situations must be demonstrated.
•        Parents receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to sign up by August 31 for one

of the following tuition offsetting programs:  OSLC Scrip program, OSLC Packer

concession stand worker (minimum of one game); Redeemer UWGB concession stand

worker (minimum of one game).

Applications & Decisions
•        Applications and the USDA income eligibility chart are available from the school

•        Families are asked to submit an application along with a copy of their most recent IRS

tax return as proof of household income.
•        Applications must be submitted by May 31 prior to the upcoming school year in which

the funds are being applied for in order to be given priority consideration for existing

Trinity families.  After the May 31 deadline, existing Trinity families will only be

considered along with new families at registration in August.  By this time, available

funds may be limited or depleted.  
•        All decisions will be confidential and made pending the passing of the GBLSA budget for

the following school year.  Generally, this occurs in late June.  Families will be promptly

notified after the budget has passed.
•        The school reserves the right to revoke financial aid at any time, but only with ample

warning and discussion with the family.

Tuition Offset Programs
•        Christ of the Bay Lutheran Church offers scholarships - watch for applications which

typically coincide with financial assistance application deadlines.
•        Our Saviour offers a rebate from the Scrip program, payable to GBLSA as a credit on the

family’s account.
•        Volunteering at the Our Saviour Packer Concession stand will apply as a credit on the

family’s account.

•         Redeemer Lutheran Church offers scholarships to association members, as well as four

renewable scholarships to non-association families.

Volunteer Requirement
Each family is required to fulfill 10 hours of volunteer time each year.  Unfilled volunteer hours will be charged a $10 per hour fee to be invoiced at the conclusion of the school year.  It is the parent's’ responsibility to record and submit the volunteer hours to avoid receiving a bill.  Volunteering as part of a tuition offset program will NOT count against the 10 hr requirement per family.  Any other paid position through GBLSA will not count against the 10 hr requirement per family.

Eagle Care (After school care)

Why Eagle Care?
As an extension of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School, Eagle Care, Green Bay Trinity’s Extended Care Program, has the call to provide Christian care and direction that is consistent with the care and training provided during the school day.  Positive Christian models and guides are vital for the care of children, whether in school, before and after school or at home.  Green Bay Trinity’s Eagle Care is committed to providing such positive Christian models during the time that you, the parent(s), place your child(ren) in our care.

Eagle Care is an extension of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School. It is administered by the School Board under the supervision of the principal.

Eagle Care is available Monday – Friday from 3:15 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. during the school year. It is closed for major holiday vacations.  

If parents pick up their children after 6:00 p.m. a late fee of $5 for every 15 minutes will be charged.

Families enrolled in Eagle Care are billed in 15 minute increments.  For children using the program on a regular basis the rate is $4.00/hr.  To qualify your child must use Eagle Care a minimum of one time every week and maintain a regular weekly schedule.

For children using the program on a drop-in, as needed basis, the rate is $5.00/hr.

If your child is present in school, but will not attend Eagle Care as normally scheduled, please notify the school office. Also, please inform Eagle Care of any schedule changes that may arise during the school year.

Eagle Care will only release your child to you, or someone you have authorized on your enrollment form.  If someone else will be picking up your child, you must notify Eagle Care by a written note, fax, or a scanned and signed form sent via e-mail.  Calling the office is not sufficient to authorize another person to pick up your child(ren).

Please pick your child up at the Eagle Care Room via the West entrance (off of Deckner Ave.), then proceed to the Eagle Care Room.

Eagle Care operates on a “pay-after” system of payment.  You will receive a bill at the beginning of each month with the charges from the previous month. Payment is due by the 10th of each month.  A late fee of $10.00 per week will be added to all balances not paid by the 10th.  All payments should be placed in the drop box in the school office.  There is a minimum monthly charge of 30 minutes.

Families are encouraged to provide snacks for their child(ren) while they are in Eagle Care.  Water and lemonade will be provided by Eagle Care.

General Rules and Guidelines
1.        Children not picked up after school by 3:30 will be placed in Eagle Care and parents will

be charged a minimum of 30 minutes.
2.        If a teacher has made prior arrangements with a parent, a child may stay after school to

work on homework in the classroom with that teacher without being in Eagle Care.
3.        If a student is participating in sports, arrangements must be made for adult supervision if

he/she is waiting for practice.  Students may not be in the building unsupervised after

3:30, if no arrangements have been made, they will be placed in Eagle Care and

charged a minimum of 30 minutes.  
4.        Students of volunteer coaches, as well as child(ren) of Eagle Care workers, may place

their child(ren) in Eagle Care free of charge while they are performing their duties.
5.        Loitering in or around the school will not be tolerated
6.        Children must have permission from the Eagle Care worker to leave the extended care

room at any time.

Students are expected to respect other students and the Eagle Care staff and to use language appropriate in a Christian setting. Behavior which is unsafe for others or self will not be allowed, nor will intentional destruction of equipment.  

If problems arise, they will be dealt with in accordance with the policies outlined in the “Student Behavior” section of the Parent and Family Handbook.

Planned Early Dismissal/In-Service Days
There will be NO Eagle Care on Early Dismissal and In-service Days during the school year.  

Health Guidelines
Children will not be admitted to Eagle Care on a given day if they are determined ill by the staff member who greets them.  If children show signs of conditions such as pink eye or a rash they will be admitted only if a physician’s note indicates that it is non-contagious.  Children will be sent home if, in the opinion of the staff, they are too ill to remain.  The same criteria used to dismiss a child early from school will be used for immediate pickup from Eagle Care.

Other School and Classroom Policies

Background Checks
In order to maintain a safe environment for our students, all employees of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School, as well as volunteers that will be working directly with children, need to have a current, completed background check on file with the school before engaging in any activities with students.  Background checks must be re-completed every three years.   Please see the principal for the required forms.

Classroom Care and Respect
It is important that each person in the classroom be mindful of the rights of others. Students need to take care to keep their part of the classroom in proper order. The counters, shelves, tables and other areas of the classroom are also to be areas of common concern.

Field Trips
Throughout the year field trips will be taken to broaden the children's knowledge. Notification will be sent home to parents for permission. Parents may be asked for assistance with transportation.

Food as Treats
Children enjoy bringing special snacks for birthdays and special occasions. Please check with your child's teacher to see that there are no special concerns or known food allergies.

Assignments give opportunity to practice newly learned skills and demonstrate understanding of the presented lesson. Pupils are encouraged to always do their best. Every day's work is an important part in developing the talents God has given us. In some cases, proper use of time may make it possible to complete all assignments at school.

On days that assignments are not finished, it is the student's responsibility to take them home and finish. If assignments are not returned some recess time may be lost by the student.

Unique circumstances should be brought to the attention of the teacher as early as possible in the school day. Difficulty with completing homework or long evenings of study should be discussed with the teacher. Teachers are most interested in planning reasonable assignments for students. Being aware of a pupil's difficulties will make it easier to serve that student's needs.

Lunch and Snacks
Students have a morning milk break.  Children may bring a healthy snack to have with their milk.  Fruit and cereal bars are good choices.  

Children may purchase a hot lunch catered by Kim Zimmerman.  A menu will be posted on Fast Direct monthly for pre-ordering.  The cost is $3.50 per lunch; this does not include milk. Since hot lunch is offered daily and the necessary wiring is not present in the cafeteria for a bank of microwaves, the children may not use the microwave.  Milk is available.  

Green Bay Trinity Lutheran admits students of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin in the administration of the educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and sponsorship programs, and athletic and other school administered programs. In the event that classroom space must limit enrollment, preference may be given to members of Green Bay Trinity Lutheran Association Congregations.

Reporting to Parents
Pupil’s progress reports (Report Cards) describing pupil’s academic progress are sent home quarterly.  Conferences may be scheduled at any time.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be held after the 1st and 2nd  quarter.  

Grading Scale for Grades 3-8
A+        100-99%                        C+        79-77%

A        98-93%                        C        76-73%
A-        92-90%                        C-        72-70%
B+        89-87%                        D+        69-67%

B        86-83%                        D        66-63%
B-        82-80%                        D-        62-60%
                                        F        Below 60%

Honor Roll for Grades 5-8
Students will be recognized quarterly for academic success.  Honor Roll students will receive a certificate each quarter as well as be recognized in chapel
High Honor Roll- all A’s                Honor Roll - A’s and B’s

School Milk
Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School participates in the Federally Funded National Milk Program. Free and reduced milk is available according to federal criteria.  If you qualify, please fill out the form which is in the registration packet.  Students may not bring pop as part of their school lunch. Milk is paid for on a yearly basis.

School Supplies
Please mark your child’s supplies with name or initials.  Articles of clothing that might be taken off like jackets, sweatshirts, boots, etc. should be marked. Markers, glue, pencils, and crayons may need to be replenished later in the school year.

The children will be asked to bring items of interest related to areas of study.  Watch the parent newsletters for details.  Toys should be left at home.

Visitors and Volunteers
Visitors and volunteers are welcome and encouraged to participate in our classrooms.  If volunteering, a current and complete background check must be on file.  Visitors must be checked in with both the classroom teacher and the principal.  Please check with the classroom teacher for times that are mutually agreeable.

The staff is not permitted to administer unauthorized medication.  Over the counter medications will not be administered by staff.  Prescribed medications must be in the original container and clearly labeled.  Authorization to take the medication must be signed by the parent.  All medication, except inhalers, will be kept by the teacher and should be brought to the teacher by the parent.

Lost & Found
Items in search of their owner will be placed in a box near the hallway intersection.  Unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

The Green Bay Lutheran School Association (GBSLA)
The GBLSA is composed of six congregations:
        Christ of the Bay Lutheran Church
        Faith Lutheran Church
        Hope Lutheran Church
        Our Saviour Lutheran Church
        RAIZED Lutheran Church
        Redeemer Lutheran Church

Each of these churches pledge their support and prayers for the GBLSA, and each church is represented on the Board of Directors. In addition, each GBLSA church contributes one half of the tuition costs for each member student.  

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors meets every fourth Monday at 7:00pm to discuss and implement policies that affect the operation of the school.  Meetings are closed, but there is an open session at the beginning of each meeting.  If you would like to attend, please contact the President of the Board of Directors at least one day prior to the meeting.  This allows him/her to place you on the agenda.  

The members of the Board of Directors and their association churches are as follows:

Christel Laatsch                        Redeemer                                President
Dennis Day                                Hope                                        Vice President
Michael Charles                        Our Saviour                                Treasurer
Ginny Fleck                                Faith
Chris Nelson                                RAIZED
Pastor Eric Wenger                        RAIZED
Lloyd Leuthner                        Our Saviour
Jason Wozniak                        Our Saviour
Dianne Rentmeester                        Christ of the Bay

Open positions are filled by the association church councils.  If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact an association church leader for consideration.

Green Bay Lutheran School Association - Trinity

Handbook Agreement

I have read the handbook and I agree to follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the handbook.   This agreement is valid throughout the 2017-18 school year.

Printed Name:

Signature:                                                        Date:

Please return signed to the school office by Friday, September 15, 2017.

Updated 8-2017