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Xiazfinance2 Whitepaper

Crypto world had Evolve

Welcome to Xiazfinance2
        We recognise that we are already  in the era of cryptography where the society pays on a cashless basis, where money is treated as not money as we think of as a paper. We may seem late to join now but we will be late if we will not.
        Cryptocurrency is just about to be open as many people hesitate to open their mine and are afraid of the unknown. But here we are taking the risk for the unknown. We plan for the years to come. And we are confident that we are in the right tract to slingshot our investment for the future. Seeing 3 to 4 years from now, our small group will be known to many.


Why Polygon

        We believe Polygon  has the capability to fast tract success in terms of cryptocurrency and investment. The innovation is the Ethereum killer as we see it as low gas, cheap transaction fee and has a secure way of storing digital assets as it is based on ethereum solidity.

Xiaz Community

As we start, we will not rely on having lots of people to come and join our quest. But we are welcoming to all who are open to the risk of losing and gaining money. Xiaz is not about pump and dump tokens. We will be as fair as possible making the price stable even if the market slips everyday.

As a start up, We offer very cheap tokens having low and limited supply. Be it known that Xiaz is run by Private small crypto enthusiast and Xiaz token will be centralized. The plan is for our group diversity, and at the same time we are freely to choose another token to accumulate aside from BNB to support our XIAZ future.



Xiaz Finance (BEP20)
Contract:       0x5b48ee4d84c530d19527dd733ceda740fdc61a68
Name:            Xiazfinance
Symbol:         XIAZ
Decimal:        18
Total Supply: 100,000

Xiaz2 INFO

Xiazfinance2 (PRC20)
Contract:       0xef3af9dfea19dd9892ae6c57be973fb390991530
Name:            Xiazfinance2
Symbol:         XIAZ2
Decimal:        18
Total Supply: 100,990


Xiaz Peso Pegged (PRC20)
Contract:       0xd6f00c26f81f7b9c79206b60767177ff185d6e23
Name:            Xiaz Peso Pegged
Symbol:         PHPX2
Decimal:        8
Total Supply: 100,000,000

Asset Distribution and Allocation

Promotional Campaign - 10%

Airdrops- 5%

Research- 7%

Maintenance and Fees- 4%

Market Listing- 16%

Team Developers- 15%

Monthly Shares- 40%

Future Projects- 20%


        Airdrops will be most common when projects will be introduced. Now we will do ours. Airdrop will Start this March and will be running for a month! All new participants are welcome but to make sure we are dealing with real people, some precaution is implemented and to see how serious they are. Please join our social media accounts for more details.

Airdrops Qualifiers need to fill up forms
here and see Airdrops Results here
0.02 BNB as a holders, Complete 4 Task and Get 15 XIAZ
 on March 30, 2021



You are holding XIAZ at your own hand as it has risk in trading cryptocurrency. Be it known that XIAZ is a private digital Assets with main purpose for future uses and as a portfolio of our crypto holdings.


Buying XIAZ can be made via Pancakeswap. Trade at your own crypto and it involves transaction fees. We suggest to buy now while it is cheap if you want to join our group!


Trade/Sell/Buy at Pancakeswap.

Join us in


All above information is for educational purposes only. This does not serve any guarantee that owning this token can gain much profit. Holding this token is at your own risk. The creator is not liable for any changes in price in the DEX market, nor the distribution of this token. Above information may not apply to you.)