hACCESS A Hard Cyber-Sec RPG

hACCESS is about...

...ripping data from a corporate server to uncover hidden involvement with ecological scandals...

...hacking your genes with cutting edge technology to give you an edge in combat...

...modifying a damaged limb with a biomechanical version, faster stronger and better in every way compared to the original...

...negotiating your way past a group of thugs who hate modified people...

...proving that the terrorist attack was a false flag designed to start a war between nations...

...surviving in a world hell bent on starting the next war, where corporations pull the strings, and governments are complicit in cover-ups…

...telling stories and exploring potentially frightening ‘what-if’s that could become reality

Hard Sci-Fi

...there is no magic, no black boxes that cure cancer and no safety net...

...there are few heroes and bullets kill people...

...technology is very much integrated into everyday life…


...most of the world is digitally connected, computer systems influence the will of people and algorithms can topple nations...

... characters may have integrated components ranging from computers, to biomechanical limbs and other technologies. All of this can interface with the world around them…

...government databases predict your social class, politicial affiliation and criminal tendencies before you become a teenager…

...privacy is a myth....


...with all of that digital information comes a price. No system is invulnerable, no data is safe. Governments and corporations spend untold billions to keep their data safe while trying to control the data of others. In a world where people are the product, information is the true currency - and those without a file are shadows...


The 'h' refers to humanity - a defining character concept in a game which strives to challenge what it means to be human in an increasingly depersonalised world. hACCESS is an RPG and although at it's core is a game, it also seeks to address time honoured sci-fi questions such as:

Is an entirely mechanical body with a human brain a person?

Can a machine have human rights?

Should we developed Generalised AIs ?

Who owns the information in your DNA?

...despite interconnectedness people are more apart than ever before, a fact that the ruling classes exploit to maintain power

hACCESS seeks to explore these questions while providing a unique, thrilling and fun roleplaying experience.

hACCESS -  Systems

hACCESS uses a modified FATE system incorporating aspects, skills, stunts & extras.

The summary for the FATE system is as follows:

  1. Describe what you want your character to do. See if someone or something can stop you.
  2. Decide what action you’re taking: create an advantage, overcome an obstacle, attack, or defend.
  3. Decide on what skill is relevant for the situation.
  4. Roll 4dF and add your skill bonus.
  5. Decide whether to modify your roll with aspects and FATE points.
  6. Figure out your outcome and success or failure, any stress that might be inflicted or temporary aspects that might arise.

Character Creation

Aspects - Phase Trio

Suggested Aspects

Skills - +4/+3/+3/+2/+2/+2/+1/+1/+1/+1

Stunts - The FATE SRD has lots of stunts. Rather than list a comprehensive list of what is 'allowed' in hACCESS work to create stunts which fit the narrative, fit your character and ultimately are pretty cool to use.

The general guidelines are that a stunt lets you use a different skill in a specific circumstance. EG: Backstab/Sucker Punch. You can use Stealth to make physical attacks, provided your target isn’t already aware of your presence. [Fate Core, p.89])

Another type is a 2 stress/shift or +2 bonus in a specific circumstance. (eg Combat Medic: +2 when treating injuries during combat or conflict situations)

Sometimes stunts allow extra actions. EG: Talk the Talk - You can use Burglary in place of Contacts whenever you’re dealing specifically with other thieves and burglars. [Fate Core, p.99]

Finally some stunts require spending a fate point.  EG: One Person, Many Faces. Whenever you meet someone new, you can spend a fate point to declare that you’ve met that person before, but under a different name and identity. Create a situation aspect to represent your cover story, and you can use Deceive in place of Rapport whenever interacting with that person. [Fate Core, p.104]

Extras (weapons & armor, vehicles, hacking, wetware)


Weapon and Armor Ratings

Examples given are more about an abstract measure of 'firepower' than any hard and fast stats or technical specifications. If your character is a deadshot cowboy there's no reason not to have a weapon:2 when using revolvers (this could also be imparted by a stunt specialising in a type of weapon)

Also it's worth noting that weapons are dangerous. their sole mission of action is to kill or otherwise incapacitate a person.  Anything above low calibre rounds are likely to cause near lethal damage and inflict stress - even bullets which don't penetrate armour can still break ribs from the force.

A Weapon value adds to the shift value of a successful hit. So, if you have Weapon:2, it means that any hit is worth 2 more shifts than it would normally be. This counts for ties, so when you’re using a weapon, you inflict stress on a tie instead of getting a boost. That makes weapons very dangerous.

An Armor value reduces the shifts of a successful hit. So, Armor:2 makes any hit worth 2 less than usual. If you hit, but the target’s Armor reduces the shift value to 0 or below, you get a boost to use on your target but don’t do any harm.

Example Weapons & Armor

Weapon:1 EG: small calibre semi-auto pistol/revolver or bolt action .22 rifle at a distance.

Armor:1 EG: a tactical vest/'bulletproof' vest, light cover such as wooden fence or dense foliage.

Weapon:2 EG: semi automatic hunting rifle, fully automatic sub machine gun (mp5, p90, bizon-9, Uzi) , magnum pistol, 12 gauge shotgun.

Armor:2 EG: military grade body armor with ceramic plates and helmet or police SWAT style armor

Weapon:3 EG: fully automatic or burst military rifle (M4, M16, AK-47), semi automatic shotgun at close range,

Armor:3 EG: a next generation exo-suit or riot gear / heavy military breaching gear - full face shield and ballistic shield.

Weapon:4 is reserved for large, heavy weaponry wielded by a specialist trained in them such as a General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs), vehicle mounted support weapons as well as anti-personnel explosives such as hand thrown grenades, 40mm propelled grenades, land mines etc.

Armor:4 is an EOD (bomb disposal) suit.

Suffice to say a weapon:4 is the extremely indiscriminate and even more deadlier end of the spectrum. Also probably impossible to acquire legally.

Explosives used in demolitions are better treated narratively - it is assumed that with the correct tools and time a demolitions expert can successfully destroy their target - rather than treating it as an attack or rolling for damage, (assuming nothing stops the explosion!)

Weapons & Armor 5+ ?

WMDs such as nuclear ordinance, bioweapons or chemical weapons are not statted because if your character is exposed to them, generally speaking they *will* die. It's sort of in the name!

Of course within the context of the game it could be possible to be inoculated against a particular bioweapon for example or be given the antidote to a nerve agent rapidly enough to save someone. What I'm trying to say (again) is that these things are best dealt with via aspects and storytelling rather than "the anthrax hits you for 68 shifts of stress".

If for some reason a person was in an explosive building the GM can always count it as a 'Weapon:6 hit' or whatever they feel is appropriate. Generally speaking weapons are dangerous, but the minutiae of exactly how dangerous one pistol is compared to the other is not something the system handles well.

Vehicles - enable the drive skill to be used. Some (military/police) vehicles allow the shoot skill and may also confer weapon or armor ratings.

Chases: Treat as a conflict inflicting stress as usual. If pursuer wins they catch the fleeing party, if the fleeing party wins they escape.

Example Vehicles

Average Civilian car - Armor 0, Weapon 0, Aspects: Boring, In-car stereo, Spare tyre.

Sports Car - Armor 0, Weapon 0, Aspects: Pedal to the Metal, Undue Attention

Police Armored Truck - Armor 1, Weapon 0, Aspects: Blue Lights, Tougher than it looks

Military 'Humvee' - Armor:2 , Weapon:2, Aspects: Off road, Rugged,

Tank - Armor: 6, Weapon: 4 Aspects: TANK!, Ponderous, Turret mounted Guns

hACCESS - Character Generation

Phase trio




Bio & description