Your requests for future topics:

This doc is left open to editing and commenting so that you and other campaigners can add new ‘how-to’ requests for tactics and strategies that the Blueprints community can work on fleshing out. This project will focus on how-to’s drawn from campaigning practices that are emergent (new and not yet fully documented), in demand by campaigning groups and field-proven (have been applied with success in prior campaigns).

See also: new topics already being worked on

Drop requests in below! If you see one posted already that you like, please comment on it to let us know you support the topic.

  1. Some tips on how to set up successful crowdfunding campaigns.
  2. When working in organisations, how we can start shifting from a mobilising to an organising model when additional staff resources, structures or funding are yet secured to support this. How can we change our rules of thumb for engagement and our language to start the transition and support a community of activists without burning out whilst we do our day jobs and make the case to the wider organisation for change?  
  3. How to take a good campaign photo / use of images
  4.  What makes a good (social media) meme...
  5.  Microtargeting on social media
  6.  Social listening
  7.  Audience research & analysis (without having to contract expensive specialist companies)
  8.  Hackathons 
  9. Trends and overlap in youth between youth activism and fundraising
  10. Using Tool X - for beginners and those who need to know what it does more than how to use it. A library of explainers could cover a ton of tools, with concise explainer language for beginners, as opposed to sales-y language aimed at digital experts.
  11. How to build mutual aid into organizing so that you’re building social cohesion, not just advancing a single issue or organization
  12. Ideas and strategies for campaign launch events
  13. Coaching/mentoring in person skills guide
  14. Relational o rganizing using digital media
  15. Barnstorms (from start to finish)
  16. Volunteer recruitment, engagement, retention, and leadership development

New topics being worked on:

Drafts are being prepared on the following. If you have knowledge and experience to contribute on one of these topics, please give us a shout by commenting on the topic (so we can respond and ask questions if necessary).

1. Responding to disinformation

It’s useful to understand the global trends are which have accelerated people’s willingness to use disinformation, and to believe it. It’s useful to know who is fighting the war over disinformation from inside governments and media or tech platforms. But the main purpose of this guide is to be useful to the average person inside a progressive movement, and so it will mostly focus on tactical steps you can take if your issue or organisation is at risk from disinformation.

1. Systems thinking / systems change and design thinking for campaigning

2. Designing and using bots for campaigns

3. Digital fundraising

An entry-level guide to best practices…

Also peer to peer & relational fundraising (crowdfunding, donations as gifts on Facebook)

4. Effective multilingual campaigning

Best practices for doing outreach and mobilization in several languages at once.

5. Effective uses of data in campaigning

How to use data effectively (beyond just list building + petitions, using data to build & leverage power) - this is broad but one of the largest challenges I've seen organizations not know how to face; even just the basics of how to cut lists, segment, identify interests, online to off, why they would need clean data, etc

6. Social listening

Social listening is the process of collecting, monitoring, and evaluating what users are saying about brands and issues online.

Knowing what users are saying online about your organization or cause can help you with: Launching campaigns/appeals at the right time, Creating content that speaks to and activates users, Providing evidence for the need for change.

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