Sugarloaf Fire Department 2018 Budget Proposal

November 2017


• Provide best safety measures, equipment, working conditions and insurance coverage for firefighters.

• Provide best fire and emergency medical services for fire district homeowners/citizens consistent with recent performance.

• Meet regulatory requirements to keep fire insurance premiums low for homeowners.

• Depending on grants and budget, install or repair driveway pads at Stations 1 and 2

• Match equipment, facilities, training to current and projected practices of our force.

• Continue long-term plan through contributions to reserves for trucks and equipment.

• Maintain fiduciary responsibility for all funds received and exploit grant opportunities.


• Hire a new grant writer for 2018 to get grant income to supplement various purchase needs.

• Continue with increased firefighter and medical training to increase certifications and progress trainees to firefighter status.

• Continue to set aside funds for future equipment needs, including trucks.

• Continue recent increased contribution to pension fund to better match actuarial advice.

AFFECT ON TAXES  General mil levy rate will be 5.876, capital rate will be 3.930, resulting in a total of 9.806

mils.  This total rate is the same as 2017 and slightly more than 2016, (9.631) but significantly

less than the previous three years (11.045-11.473).


 SLFPD ISO rating moves to a 5 from a previous rating of 6. ISO ratings are from 10 - 1, 1

being best. ISO = The Insurance Service Office - is an organization that provides statistical information on risk to insurance companies and can influence the cost of homeowner’s insurance within a fire district. Many mountain districts have ratings of 7 to 9.  This year the SLFPD Garage Sale raised $39,681.62 - contributing over 10% to the

department’s annual budget.  A well and septic was installed at SLFPD Station 1, giving the department a bathroom,

shower and mop sink at this 6 bay facility. The design, permitting and much of the installation and finish labor was provided by firefighter volunteer hours.  SLFPD was able to purchase a used brush (wildland)fire truck from the City Of Boulder for $25,000. The truck provides improved wildfire protection for the west end of the district as well as a vehicle that fire fighters can take out on federal wildfires. This year the truck generated over $20,000 on those project fires and will more than pay for its purchase cost by the end of 2018.  In 2017 SLFPD certified as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Training Center.

This will allow Sugar Loaf EMRs to easily re-certify their medical credentials with training provided by the fire department. It will result in more SL fire fighters being medically qualified, and allow SLFPD to provide EMR training to other emergency agencies in Boulder County.  SLFPD added 5 new fire fighters to its active roster in 2017, bringing the active

membership of the fire department to 43 fire fighters.  The department put a SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) passenger seat in the

Station 2 water tender (5544). This makes the tender capable of direct fire fighting operations as well as water supply. We will put SCBA passenger seats in our other two water tenders (4441 and 5542) in 2018.  A major pump rebuild was completed on the Station 1 Engine (5501), extending the

life of this front line structure fire engine. This will allow us to defer the purchase of a new engine and continue to save capital funds for this eventual purchase.