Are you ready for a sailing adventure?! Does sailing in Alaska on an elegant 38+M sailing yacht this summer sound good to you?  We are looking for a team or single Captain to run this boat.  The perfect crew will be good sailors with some charter experience, upbeat attitude, and ability to keep the boat in tiptop shape. The Captain is expected to have good hands-on engineering skills. The Stewardess/Cook should be well organized and not necessarily a ‘Chef’, but a good and versatile Cook. Right now it is going through a serious refit in the Seattle region.  The owners are long time yacht owners who are very excited to have purchased this boat.  They hope to charter for about 4 weeks while in Alaska.  The winters will be spent in California and Mexico where a few more charters are planned.  

This US flagged yacht requires US citizens or Green Card holders.  The Captain will need at least a 200T USCG license or comparable MCA, STCW 95 and Eng 1 or other Medical Fit for Duty.  The Stewardess/Cook requires an STCW 95 and Eng 1 or other Medical Fit for Duty.

The positions must be filled by Mid-March but they are happy to hire sooner if the right fit is found.

Please remember that with all positions we present, we do not share wages in either direction, but will only bring you opportunities where we believe both sides will come to a happy agreement

If you are interested send your interest to

To be considered for this position, you must meet all of the requirements in the post above.  

If we have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to you, please be aware that:

90% of our clients have yachts that are:

- Motor Yachts

- Moving (without a home base)

- Seeking Full Time Crew (not freelance or seasonal)

- Between 30 meters and 90 meters

- Require us to only consider candidates with a proven history of making commitments.

- Commercially registered (and require licenses for the Minimum Manning Document).

- Are unable to consider teams.

100% of our clients require:

- STCW Basic Training including Security

- ENG1 or other Medical Fit For Duty

- Passport that is valid and in hand.