Mrs. Alton has left on Maternity leave and we now have Mrs. Cliff as our Office Coordinator. Welcome Mrs. Cliff!

Thank you to all of the families for the great job with the Chocolate Bar Fundraiser. We are still calculating the exact amount, but we estimate the school earned over $6000! All of this money will be spent this year on new technology and recess equipment for the students. Thank you!

Progress Reports will be coming home on November 20th. Starting on November 22nd, Parents and guardians can book an interview for November 29th or 30th with the child(s) teachers using our online system here:


November 2 - PD Day

November 9 - Remembrance Day Assembly 10:15am (Parents welcome)

November 20 - Progress Reports Go Home

November 21 - Brant Ave Night at Chapters - Stone Road Mall 5-8pm

November 23 - Fluoride Varnish JK-2

November 29 - Parent/Teacher Interviews from 3:30 - 8:30pm

November 30 - PD Day - Parent/Teacher Interviews from 8:30-3:30pm


Did you label, with a permanent marker, items your child brings to school that could go missing?  Our lost and found bins are filling up fast and it is more likely an item can be returned if you have labelled sweatshirts, coats, lunch bags, backpacks, shoes, etc.  All items not claimed in a timely manner will be donated to a charitable organization. Watch for our Lost and Found website to be updated soon


It is getting chilly out and the snow may fly soon.  Please remember to assist your child in wearing the proper clothing to school.  This includes a warm jacket, hat, mittens, and waterproof footwear.  Thanks for sending extra socks in your child’s backpack just in case.  All students are expected to participate in outdoor recess, as this important active break aids concentration and success in the classroom.  Indoor shoes are essential to help keep our classrooms clean and dry.


During the week of November 19th - 23rd  students and staff at Brant Avenue are going to be discussing and exploring the issue of bullying and it’s effects. Throughout the week, students will participate in activities and discussions in their classrooms. This is to promote awareness, empathy and give students the confidence and skills/strategies needed to handle bullying situations, whether they are a bystander or a target or maybe even a bully themselves.

What is a bully?   
A bully can be defined in many ways but some of the common elements of the definition include:

If you suspect that your child may be a bully you need to take the problem seriously and talk to your child.  Let your child know that you will not tolerate bullying behaviour and use non-violent consequences.  Establishing family rules, spending more time with your child and increasing supervision of their activities will help your child feel valued and lessen the likelihood of bullying behaviour.

How do I know if my child is being bullied?
Anyone can be a target of bullying although bullies tend to choose victims who are passive and are less likely to be assertive and stand up for themselves or less likely to tell an adult.

Some signs that your child is being bullied may include:

What to do if your child is being bullied?

What is a bystander?
A lot of recent research indicates the role of a third group in the occurrence of bullying.  This third group is the bystanders.  Bystanders allow bullying to occur by standing and watching or by actively encouraging and cheering the bully on thereby reinforcing the bullying behaviour.  Bystanders often say that it’s none of their business, the bully is my friend, the victim deserved to be bullied or that there is nothing they can do about it.  Bystanders are now being encouraged to empathize with the victim, to report (not tattling) when someone is in danger of being harmed, to accompany the target to get help, and to join together with their peers to protect targets.

Talking About Mental Health November 2018 – Nature and Mental Health

Fall is here and so is that pre-winter chill!  Getting outside makes such a difference to how we all are doing inside. Spending time in nature improves our mental health and well-being.  Being outdoors is a simple way to add some much needed down time from screens. Adding some time in nature is having some much deserved peace and quiet in our busy lives. One study showed that even 5 minutes in nature improves our mood. 5 minutes! We all can take 5 minutes (or more if have it) to go outside and enjoy nature.

If you want your family:

Then GO OUTSIDE! Take your kids outside! Enjoy and be part of nature.

Try this:

If you are not sure where to go, check out the links below for lots of great parks in our area.

Jenny Marino, Mental Health and Addictions Lead for the Upper Grand District School Board
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