Maney was in his car seat looking at Greg’s pants. Maney said “Poopy”.When Greg looked down on his pants it had a chocolate stain.Greg’s mum said “Ohhhh Greg”.Many looked down at the seat that greg was sitting on and it had a chocolate bar.Mum in the background said “Oh Greg it looks like you have a bikini bra in there.Greg’s face was horrified he yelled at many”MANY!”Greg’s older brother put the rapper in his pocket with a big smirk on his face.Mum in the background said”Ah Frank you're gonna have to do something”.Greg’s dad said”Ya I'll get him ready.Rodrick’s still got that big smirk on his face.Greg’s dad was using a cloth to wipe his bottom.Dad was going ha ha ha ha ha ha then he was being funny and trying to be like a dog then Greg yelled out”Dad stop it”.Then dad said”hold still Alright let me see, your fine,you can’t even tell.Greg went straight into panic mode when he saw his crush, her name was Holly.Greg said”I'm not going in with a poop stain on my pants.Mum said” you can’t skip church”Greg said no i'm not going in like this”.Mum stared at greg and said Fine well shaking her head.The choir was singing well the heffley family came walking in and rodrick stopped at the door. He had no idea what he was doing.Greg’s dad gave rodrick at little push to go.The heffley family walked to there seat and on there way to there seats they saw Greg´s best friend Rowley.Greg saw Rowley,when greg walked past to there seats rowley waved at greg and had great huge smile and when greg saw his mother's scaf his face was confused.He pushed over to his dad to hide his scarf.Gregś dad told him to go.The heffley family sat down on there seats.The person said please be seated.The ;person on stage was talking to the people well he was talking greg stared at holly with a smile on his face.The people went up to eat a biscuit,Gregs dad said okay we're up come on we're up.Greg said everybody will see the sweater.Dad said people are looking okay so come on let's go.the heffley family standed up and was walking up to the stage roderick looked down to the ground and had a mysterious face on him.He stepped on gregs scaf and the scaf had fallen off.The little girl sitting down yelled out POOPED HIS POOPED HIS PANTS.Greg said it isn't what you look like it's chocolate he wiped his finger in his bottom and said chocolate see liked his fonger and everyone said ewwww