Acadian Festival Craft Fair Vendor Application

 Multi-Purpose Building

August 10/11, 2018

Name of Business or Organization:_____________________________________________________________________

Name of Contact Person:  ___________________________________Date of Application: ________________________


Phone Number:  _________________________ E-Mail:____________________________________________________



Rental Rate (10 ft. X 10 ft.):  $25.00 per space per day


Number of Spaces Requested:____________________

Please Circle days you will be attending:       FRIDAY            SATURDAY               Electricity: Yes_______No_________

One Table and Two Chairs will be available per space at no additional charge. (Tablecloths not included)

Number of Tables Requested:______________________Number of Chairs Requested:___________________________


Products: Please indicate what type of craft(s): 




All vendor items are subject to review by the Acadian Festival Committee. All applicants will be considered, however, limited space available.  All vending is first come first serve.

Applications must be received by August 1, 2018. Applications submitted later than that date will not be accepted.

Space Size, Tables Chairs

The space size allotted for vendors for Saturday is approximately 10 feet X 10 feet.  The Acadian Festival will provide one table and two chairs per vendor.  Craft Fair will be taking place inside the Multi-Purpose Building Rain or Shine.


Friday - Parking spaces will be provided for at the Multi Purpose.

Saturday: Parking spaces will be provided for at Multi Purpose.

Set Up and Take Down:

Vendors must set up and take down their own space.  Vendors are expected to be open for business during the hours the events are advertised in the program.  Craft Fair Hours are Friday & Saturday 8AM-4PM


By acceptance of this agreement, the exhibitor expressly releases the Acadian Festival and its representatives from all liabilities for any damages, injury or loss to any person or goods from any cause.


By executing this agreement, the undersigned agree(s) for himself, herself, itself and its/their successors, heirs and assigns that participation in the Madawaska Acadian Festival, as described herein, shall be at the risk of the undersigned, and that the undersigned hereby releases and forever discharges and expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the ACADIAN FESTIVAL, THE TOWN OF MADAWASKA, and the officers, directors, employees, agents and members of either organization, together with their successors and assigns of and from all debts, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, dues, sum and sums of money, accounts, reckonings, bonds, specialties, covenants, contracts, controversies, agreements, promises, doings, omissions, variances, extents, execution and liabilities whatsoever including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, claims for contribution, exoneration or indemnity, or any other thing whatsoever which might arise from the undersigned participation in the Madawaska Acadian Festival.

The undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the foregoing, and that he/she has been advised to consult with an attorney if he/she has any questions and further acknowledges that he/she must abide by all the RULES of the Acadian Festival. The RULES are as follows:


Print Name: ________________________________________________________Date__________________________


Please send questions and completed applications to Bern Thibeault via mail or email at, you can also call her at 543-2100 or 728-6194.  

Make Checks Payable to Acadian Festival

Acadian Festival Craft Vendor Contract

328 St. Thomas Street

Madawaska, ME 04756

You can also go online to 



Contract Received:____________    Space Fee Paid:________________

Received By:_______________________     Booth Space #:____________________

Cash:_________________   Check:______________   Check #:_______________