CAC Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2017

Establish Quorum: Members in attendance were Lisa Presswood-Kiley, Lindsey Taucher, Maggie Benavides, Christina Erickson, Chris Farley, Steve Rosok, Julie Barschow, Karen Torres, Patrick Aziz, Michelle Degon, and Summer McKinnon.

Community members present were Navvab Taylor, Larry Murphy, and Kate Mason-Murphy.

Lindsey Taucher motioned to call the meeting to order at 3:20 pm. Summer McKinnon seconded.

There were no citizen’s comments at this time.

Lindsey Taucher updated the CAC on her conversation with FABPAC Co-Chair, Cherylann. Next meetings will be on 9/27 at the PAC and on October 18 at CAC.  Larry mentioned that anything that we put in our proposal, we should stipulate that all criteria should be equitably applied to all schools, even specialty schools.

Steve asked for an updated regarding the near miss car v. student pedestrian incident two days ago. Summer notified the committee that AISD PD patrolled and ticketed yesterday. Summer will also request from the CoA that an all-way stop be installed at the intersection of Cactus and Redd.

Patrick asked the board for volunteers for committee co-chairs and secretary, as those positions are not defined at this time. Lindsey Taucher and Michelle Degon volunteered to be co-chairs, parent and staff, respectively. Secretary position remains at large.

Patrick proposed that we change the meeting time from 3:30 to 3:15. The committee voted unanimously to amend the start time to 3:15. We also reviewed the meeting dates and confirmed them.

Patrick reviewed the main functions of CAC and oriented the committee members to the procedures, goals, and objectives. He noted that district data for each campus would not be available until late October, so the CIP will be shared after that data has been received and processed. Julie asked what TABR is, and Patrick will bring the results summary of our testing to next month’s meeting.

Patrick reviewed the planned improvements for summer 2018. Joslin will received new HVAC systems. Additionally, there will be some roofing and ceiling improvements. The contractors plan to design barrels to capture condensant run-off from the HVAC systems as well.  They will also include ADA accessibility in the communal bathrooms, some skylights in the courtyard, as well as a re-pour and re-design the sidewalk that leads to the cafeteria doors from the staff parking lot on Redd and install a bike rack if we can provide the rack.  Patrick asked the committee for their input regarding the placement of a potential bike rack on the campus and the removal of the chain link fence by the cafeteria doors.  The committee voted that removing the chain link fence would be okay.  

Patrick also discussed the two landscape architects who have volunteered their time to design a master plan for beautification of the grounds.  They are both seeking input and ideas from the community to incorporate the idea.  This committee proposes that xeriscaping and low-maintenance, native plants is the best move for us to be able to keep things beautiful and keep the kids safe.  

Patrick informed the committee that as part of the District’s District of Innovation Plan, the Crockett Vertical Team will have one extra professional development day on November 10, 2017.

Christina will contact Camp Gladiator to see if they might be willing to raise funds to install a sport court on our basketball court. Kate will contact the CoA to see if commercial buildings are eligible for reimbursement when removing turf.

Patrick asked for a vote approving the request for a boundary change that is proposed by the Western Trails Neighborhood Association. The committee unanimously approved supporting the request.  Lindsey Taucher will share the WTNA letter with Ann Kitchen, requesting her assistance in advocating for the boundary adjustment.

Patrick motioned to adjourn the meeting at 4:23 pm. Julie Barschow seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:23 pm.