Much of this document is inspired by the CVE Board Charter and the AWG Charter.

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CVE Numbering Authority Coordination Working Group (CNACWG) Charter

The CVE Numbering Authority Coordination Working Group (CNACWG) is a working group established by the CVE Board under section 2.12 of the CVE Board Charter, announced on December 12, 2018, with the purpose of giving voice to, and establishing working norms for, the extended community of CVE Numbering Authorities (CNAs). This includes providing a CNA Board Liaison to the CVE Board (also referred to as the CNACWG chairperson), maintaining onboarding and continuing documentation for CNAs, setting the agenda for periodic CNA summits, and other CNA community activities designed to promote the CVE program (CVE).

This is Version 1.3 of this charter, as of January 14, 2020.

1. Code of Conduct

Members of the CNACWG agree to abide by the professional conduct guidance as described in the CVE Board charter, section 2.5, Board Member Professional Conduct Guidance. Complaints regarding inappropriate behavior are welcomed by CNACWG chairperson or another member of the CVE Board.

2. Working Group Activities

The CNACWG may pursue any number of activities that help to promote the interests and address the concerns of the CNA community and the CVE program. Generally, these activities should be limited in scope to issues and topics that affect the CNA community; examples include maintaining and updating documentation and other onboarding materials useful to CNAs, setting the agenda for regular CNA Summits, and offering guidance on issues facing CNAs to the CVE Board.

The CNACWG may also occasionally work with other WGs, such as the Automation Working Group, the Strategic Planning Working Group, and the Cloud Security Alliance, at the invitation of those WGs. Relatedly, the CNACWG may occasionally invite those working groups to assist in joint projects.

2.1. Regularly Scheduled Working Group Meetings

The WG will meet, either remotely or physically, on alternating Wednesdays throughout the year, counting from the first meeting which was held on February 13, 2019. The issues discussed at these meetings or via the WG mailing list or other channels shall be subject to the Chatham House Rule, with an exception for communicating with members of the CVE Board.

3. Working Group Membership

Membership to the working group is limited to representatives of currently active CVE Numbering Authorities (CNAs), as designated by the MITRE Corporation. There is no limit to the number of representatives a given CNA may have as members of the working group. Potential members to the group can request to join by writing to with their request.

3.1. Working Group Materials

WG members shall have access to all live and recorded meetings and other material generated by the WG, and agree that these materials are to be treated as TLP: Amber materials (unless otherwise explicitly noted in those materials). Violating this trust is grounds for removal from the WG.

3.2. Leaving the Working Group

All WG members must maintain an active presence during regularly scheduled meetings — after all, this is a "Working Group," not a "Watching Group." Members of the WG may be asked by the chairperson of the WG from time to time if they would like to maintain their membership. A lack of response after a week to this request will indicate the member is no longer interested in participating, and that member will be removed by the chairperson.

If a WG member is no longer a representative of an active CNA, that member shall be removed from the WG.

Of course, WG members are free to resign from the group at any time and this does not affect their standing as a CNA representative.

3.2.1 Reinstating membership in the Working Group

Former members who have resigned or were removed due to inactivity may rejoin the WG at any time, provided they are still a representative of a CNA.

Former members who were removed as a result of a conduct violation may have their membership reinstated during a regularly scheduled WG meeting, provided unanimous consent of those meeting participants to the reinstatement.

3.3. The Role of the Working Group Chairperson

The CNACWG shall elect one of the working group members as chairperson for a one year term.  The WG chairperson will moderate the meetings of the WG, set the agenda for those meetings, manage membership to the WG, and maintain the online infrastructure needed to conduct the business of the WG.

3.3.1 Chairperson Absence and Meeting Cancellations

In the event the chairperson cannot attend the regularly scheduled WG meeting, the chairperson shall designate a proxy from the WG membership at the earliest opportunity.

The chairperson may also elect to cancel a meeting due to a conflict with a local holiday, provided this cancellation is agreed to with unanimous consent among meeting attendees during the meeting prior to that holiday.

3.3.2 Working Group Chairperson Election Schedule

Annual nominations for the CNACWG chairperson shall commence during the first meeting in October and close on the following October meeting. A new chairperson will be elected from the named nominees no later than the first meeting in November, and the elected chairperson will begin their term on the second meeting in December.

3.4 The Role of the CNA Liaison

The CNA Liaison, as described in the CVE Board charter, section 1.3.3, is a separate position, and is managed wholly by the CVE Board. This person should be a member of the CNACWG.

4. Amending this Charter

The initial adoption of this charter and all changes to this document will be proposed at a regularly scheduled meeting of the WG, and its adoption or update requires unanimous consent among all WG members participating in that meeting. Additionally, proposed changes must be announced as an agenda item at least one day prior to a regularly scheduled meeting of the WG.

4.1. Current Version of this Charter

This charter was first adopted as Version 1 by unanimous consent by the attendees of the scheduled WG meeting on April 24, 2019. This charter has not been amended yet, but should it be amended, this sentence will be replaced by the effective date and version number of the current charter.

This charter was amended to Version 1.1 on July 16th, updating section 2.1 with a mention of the Chatham House rule.

This charter was amended to Version 1.2 on December 9, 2019, updating section 3.3 and adding section 3.4, indicating that the roles of the CNACWG Chair and the CVE Board CNA Liaison may, but not must, be fulfilled by two different people.

This charter was amended to Version 1.3 on January 15, 2019, to remove references to the external Google Group and Google Drive, reflecting the current MITRE-run mailing list and Sharepoint site.