2019 NASA SOCAL Supplemental Race/TT Regulations

These rules are directly from the NASA CCR and SOCAL drivers are reminded that safety is our number one priority and must be maintained to have fun. Drivers need to take personal responsibility for their actions and penalties will be levied based on the outline below. Please read these rules and keep a copy with your gear. If you feel these rules are too harsh or hold concern that you would likely violate one or more of these rules, let me know and I will refund your entry. NASA SOCAL is not the organization for you.

1)        27.11(8) - Passing Under Yellow (Standing or Waiving) – Drivers are to slow their vehicles. No passing is permitted until past the incident, or until past the next manned flag station that is not displaying any yellow flag(s), whichever comes first.  PENALTY > (A) 1st Offense = DQ  + $100 fine
(B) 2nd Offense = DQ & 1 race suspension + $250 safety fine (C) 3rd Offense= Season Suspension

2)        Body Contact reports must be submitted at Impound immediately after the session. Drivers must remain in impound to inspect damage until released by NASA official. PENALTY> Failure to turn in report regardless of fault is automatic DQ

3)        20.3.1 - Racers and TT drivers are required to know their grid space prior to arrival at pre-grid. PENALTY> Failure to know your grid position will result in placement at the back of the entire group.

4)        15.17 - Drivers are required to wear proper safety apparel when on track. PENALTY> $100 safety fine and moved to HPDE for the remainder of the event.

5)        Drivers are responsible for the accuracy of scoring results (name, class, team name, sponsor, etc). PENALTY> Any changes after the weekend will incur a $100.00 Admin fee.

6)        Drivers are required to obtain contingency documents AT THE TRACK. Contingency will not be issued after the conclusion of the event.

7)        27.12 Drivers Points System per Appendix B will be enforced. Accumulation of 10 points will result in suspension for the remainder of the season. Note: All parties to any contact earn points.
A)        In addition to the conditions described in 27.12 the following conditions will also incur points:
(1)        Blocking - two (2) points
(2)        False Start/ Start Jumping - one (1) point
(3)        Reckless & Dangerous (Black Flagged) - three (3) points
(4)        Contact under any Yellow Flag condition - ten (10) points {immediate suspension}

1) Contact at Turn 3 (oval to road course) on the first lap will result in automatic disqualification for the driver that was overtaking while both cars are braking. Note- Overtaking driver will be given the opportunity to appeal with in-car video only. Should video prove leading car abruptly moved over which was the cause of contact, that driver will be disqualified and suspended for 1 race.