EME 6405

Spring 2018

Diamond Head Lighthouse Dyad

Module 7: Bloom’s Taxonomy and Web 2.0

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Voki


Produce a Voki video that reenacts a YouTube video

Integrate a Voki video in to PowerPoint presentation

Create a Voki project on health and nutrition

Design a website and embed Voki characters to tell a story


Rate 5 premade Voki characters on their effectiveness to convey information on a serious topic

Grade a classmate’s Voki character and the effectiveness on its ability to communicate

Monitor your students’ use and progress on Voki assignments

Write a critique of a Voki Lesson Plan under “Voki:Teach”


Distinguish the difference of Voki compared to other similar platforms

Survey fellow classmates on your Voki’s character and its ability to convey information

Examine the accessibility when creating a Voki

Outline characteristics, voice, and scenery options possible and discover the most appropriate combination for an assignment


Sketch out a Voki character that can communicate a funny topic

Modify a Voki character template to communicate a serious topic

Construct relevant Voki characters to introduce an assignment or topic in class

Use the Voki Presentation tool to present to class


Comment on how Voki, as a platform, can broadly be used to communicate ideas

Predict how different Voki characters and customizations can be used to communicate

Explain Voki’s purpose to a colleague

Prepare a flowchart of how to customize your Voki character


Select a Voki character from premade templates

Identify the best Voki character for your purpose and script

Recall the process of creating a Voki characters

Recognize a Voki character in a presentation, website or assignment


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