Everyone has a creator. Even the Gods themselves.”

This Universe started from nothingness. The soulless battles among titans in the God Plane. This Universe, numbered 7, is the blossoming afterthought of the Titan; Majin, who's name and story goes long forgotten in the years of age and time. He was everything, passionate, lawful, wicked, the most clinically insane Titan, but one who claimed his own destiny and planted his seeds into a realm. The plane known as the kingdom of death began with three: The Kaio, born from his spirit, and fallen from the ripened tree - evolving from berries and fruit. The Half God, born from his soul and in his graceful image. And the Demon, born from his passion, emotion, and spite. In the beginning, the three worked well together - soon discovering their meaning, and purpose. Planets were born with the input of all, to ensure that no form of life had any greater benefit than the other. However, eventually -- two sides split.


The Kaioshin, who believed themselves to be the creator, and nurturer of such worlds - instilled her purity among many races seen today, like Namekians. The Demon, festering with anger, believed themselves to be the stirrer of disaster, and thus exposed the inhabitants for their inner evils, even injecting himself as a god, dabbling with religion among races like Makyojin, whom thought themselves the sons and daughters of the Demon King himself, and still to this present day practice worship in the form of cults.  

The example lies within history. Onis, were an intelligent race once chartered in the realm of the living, however, with interference from both the Kaioshin and the Demon Lord, this kind could not live to discover on their own. This created outrage within the trio, and shortly following some drastic events known as the Red Plague, the first mass death in the living realm had occurred. A planet decomposing with its inhabitants, invoking the first arrival of souls in the afterlife. And the first ever witnessed genocide. Since then, the Oni’s have mostly forgotten their past of living on their own world, and been accepted as a populated race in the afterlife.


(Twenty years after the Red Plague)  

It was also then, that more Kaio, and Demons began to be born and both sides went to abuse and stock their powers in preparation for war. Though, there was one lonesome man that stood between them, a man whom sought to enforce law, and justice. Whom's wrath held no bounds or favoritism, the eater and guider of souls, known simply by his title, "El Juez de la Sombra". His presence lies ominously within nearly all planets in the living realm’s ancient text, translated in different forms of language. Throughout his conquest of the Kingdom of the Dead, he'd acquired the form of a titan, and set judgement to both sides, with the spoken word saying that he had such power to cause the splitting the plane in the afterlife into three halves with just a mighty roar. From there each leader was given a role, and should they ever step out of line, they'd recognize punishment from the other two.


Heaven, Checkpoint, and Hell.

Time has passed since then, and the trio have survived through the damage of their own intentions. Some, have grown weaker, and some more powerful with meditation or witchcraft. Each side of the afterlife having gained its own following and its own legions underneath the one united banner of law. Overtime, there has been silence, and the trio were forced to work together begrudgingly to ensure that the galaxy they created together remained enact, despite wanting to intervene. Those of the afterlife were to entertain souls, and ensure their judgement went well. There was now a citizenship, and such meant that the three with the most power had to be careful as to not overuse their strengths and disrupt the balance. But a storm brews in the distance. Who would step out of line first?

It is written in the back of the Three Monarchs minds that the end will soon come, and their universe has a timer should it continue to travel in the direction that it is left. The Day of Judgement is long feared by those mortal and those in the afterlife. The New Kaioshin; Liivale, with their Cardinals and their Warriors drafted from Heaven, seek to maintain righteousness in the living realm, to ensure that its inhabitants pass through peacefully. The Judge; Tetsuya Naito, alongside his Jury and Shinigami, seek to regulate and police both the afterlife and the living, to guarantee that no one escapes judgement. While whisper among The Demon Lord; Sanguine, and his loyal Archdemons, say that one day, the acknowledgement of their existence will spread like wildfire among the living realm, with many worshiping their feet.


(Ten Years Ago - To Present Day)

Hell was Sanguine's domain. A rabid wildlife where he attempted to create many others like him, though a majority were failed projects. After the Judge had surprisingly fallen in a coma, and a mass of souls having been absorbed into the realm of Hell, the Demon Lord found no more use for the current untamed inhabitants of Hell who were mostly ignorant of his right to a throne. He had free will to inflict his own punishment, and without the Judge’s knowledge when he awakens. Wildfire engulfed a once beautiful kingdom of hell like a volcanic mass -- leaving nothing but a lonely man to recreate and repopulate Hell in his image. To be worshiped and glorified by his fellow Demons as a God. Overtime, he developed a cult of followers and briefed them on a single goal; to resurrect the ancient one.

Without the Judge, Heaven collapsed, and exploded in its own accord. The Kaioshin, having been too busy ensuring the living realm wasn’t being overrun, had too heavy of a workload to pull extra weight around. Though, her skill and wisdom allowed her to move those whom were judged to heaven, to Paradise Palace.

Overtime and with the advancements of magic, Judge Naito had seemingly fallen ill from the realm - forced into a wicked slumber by an unnamed assailant’s poison.  While he was out of commission for ten years, the realm had gone on without him. Heaven had collapsed in a petty war, leaving a majority of Souls and the other inhabitants of the afterlife to reside in landmarks such as Paradise Palace; where the throne of the Judge sits. With his courtroom locked to prevent and further trials of assassination, his underlings were left to struggle in an attempt to police the afterlife -- but to no avail. On this delightful day of his return, he comes to find that his Jury, and entire force of Shinigami had been eliminated, through either stress or force of either side. Whispers of his awakening had enlightened few, but angered many who went a lonesome period without Naito’s Law.


The Ghosts of Vanaheim

Year 0-Year 5

In the Judge’s absence, and following the fall of Vanaheim, Kaioshin Liivale has had no choice but to let the living realm police itself; however not before sacrificing a piece of herself to ensure that violence and death were delayed until a time she could amass the power to watch over the living once more. With a new lens focused on the world she identified as Midgard, and Paradise City being the focal point of it all, she takes it upon herself to bring order and stability and protection; and in the process makes over Paradise City under the name of Heildal.

So began her guidance, teaching, and management of souls; opting first to send souls back into the ‘cycle’ of life and death rather than to judge them. Using her experiences amongst the mortals, she found that judgement itself was no easy task, and that the careless judgement of the mortals were not just unfair, but a punishment, no matter the outcome. Mortals had a freedom to be so much more than the Kais, the Demons, and the other creatures of the afterlife could ever be, and missteps along the way were to be expected as you would of any child. Rather than cast their potential off to eternal damnation, or to eternal bliss, was stunting their growth and discovery; and so the Protectors of Heildal were formed not only to protect the city, but to guide the souls and keep order so that the souls could safely assess their own life and decisions before returning to the cycle.

However, with the awakening of the Judge came an upset that threatened the stability of the new Checkpoint. No longer was Order maintained, but instead the Judge’s own dated Status Quo resurfaced. The Judge and the Kaioshin has come to blows, and as the two forces butted heads it became clear that neither could survive in this new Balance. The forces of Heaven, or Vanaheim as the Kaioshin’s followers refer to it, have been displaced with Vanaheim’s fall; the scales of balance tipped in Helheim’s  favor, and the Judge has made it clear that they intend to do anything about it-- going as far as to discredit and criminalize the forces of Vanaheim, and the work of the Kaioshin to maintain order.

This conflict between the Judge and Vanaheim has prompted the Kaioshin herself to isolate her forces. Now, without the presence of Vanaheim, Midgard is left to its own devices.

Discord be thy Purpose

Year 6-8

The return of the Kaioshin and the Protectors Heildal is a quiet one. Seemingly re-integrating with little to no friction and standing opposed to demonic plots for a time, but relations between the Kais left behind and the Kais taken with her in her exodus have soured. With her champion, the Western Warden, the two secure a relation with the Judge, Naito, to work together for the greater benefit of Midgard following reports of kidnapping on Helheim’s part.

With the Judge’s forces and Vanaheim’s ghost joined together, the presence of Hel weakens in the following years-- and the Demon Lord Sanguine himself is put under threat by his own Demons. In a chilling battle with his newly forged Ach Demons, not only does Sanguine receive aid from Kais seeking to preserve his status was Warden of Hell, but Sanguine taps into an ancient power thought lost. Simultaneously, it seems that the Kaioshin’s ki became more prominent as she find a piece of herself once lost. With a large fraction of their power regained and realized, the afterlife was in for a deadly change in its power dynamic.

Shortly after the defeat and murder of the Arch Demons, Lord Sanguine’s chaotic whispers touch several individuals in the Afterlife, detracting from the natural cycle of life and death, experience and renewal, ending and beginning; and though the mentorship between Souls and those of Midgard promised opportunity or souls to let go of their backage and rejoin the cycle, some would find the thought of the cycle too frightening and lash out at the Kaioshin. Two Kais, falling to corruption and the whispers of the Demon Lord turn on the Kaioshin, the first attacking in the sanctity of the Judge’s office.

Though the Kaioshin is able to defend herself with the help of a few opportunistic halflings, it shakes the faith of the souls in the Kaioshin herself, allowing even Lord Sanguine to slither his way up into the city the Kaioshin herself dubs Heildal, and to sway its populace. Though Lord Sanguine finds himself at odds with the Kaioshin, she is able to best him, sending him back to hell thusly, and forcing Liivale to focus on the training and preparation of the Protectors of Heildal, her guard force charged with protecting the souls and defending Midgard against the demons. Though this was a victory for Vanaheim and the rest of Midgard, the public image of the Kaioshin is threatened, and her relation t many subjects have been put into the fire. The plans of Sanguine were succeeding.

Burden of Order, mourning Gods

Year 9

With Vanaheim’s Ghost separated and under stress of recent political missteps, the Kaioshin carries on in her heartless pursuit of Order and Balance. A dogma that pits her against one of Midgard’s most popular protector. Lord Sanguine, Lord of Hell finds himself slithering through the afterlife gain, empowered by the Kaioshin’s destruction of fallen Kais, and spreading a version of the tale designed to defame her. The Kaioshin responds, not with words, but with pure action, removing the threat and the touch of the Demon Lord promptly, and she nearly succeeds until one of Midgard’s most popular protectors steps in her path.

The chaotic whispers of Sanguine spur the violet Kai not only to defending him, but to turning on the Kaioshin herself, and combined with agents of Hell and the Demon Lord himself, they manage to best her in combat. In their victory, and in the high of their perceived power, the Kai presses his attack further in an attempt to turn their contest of power into a lethal dance to dethrone and usurp the power of the Kaioshin. The Kaioshin, the manifestation of Order and Spirit itself gave in to a force beyond her and became the Avatar of Order, a being with a cold and hyper-lethal demeanor designed to exact any and all retribution as commanded by Vanaheim.

In her rampage, she eradicates the fallen Kai and pacifies him, and takes it a step further in binding the Demon Lord to Helheim. The Avatar returns to her former persona, Liivale, and is left to restore order after the chaos of the attack that resulted in the violet Kai’s death. Though having to destroy two young misguided Kais weigh heavy on her conscious, the continued appearance of enemies in the shadows and the Violet Kai’s own poisoning of the land to frame the Kaioshin and inflate his own self worth results in the Kaioshin’s steeling heart, and a growing paranoia that pits her against potentially the entirety of Midgard. Will her will survive? Or will the hostility of her home turn her into a monster?

An Era of Desperation

Year 10

The year of the Makyo Star was shaping up to be an intense and dangerous period that the Kaioshin  dreaded. Her fears and paranoia put undue pressure on the protectors of Heildal as she worked herself ragged to ensure that order can be maintained. However, on the dawning of the star, nothing occurred. The rest of the year had gone pretty quiet as well, until the ploys of Helheim became clear. Demons had abducted a mortal leader, an began to work their influence in the mortal plane, and in response Vanaheim had taken precautions to slow their advances.

With danger on the horizon, Liivale, Kaioshin, has run herself ragged in preparation, nearly extinguishing her own spirit in the process. As she trained and prepared the Protectors of Heildal, and entrusted another piece of herself with an enigmatic follower, it seemed that the balance of the afterlife were about to change forever.

The Soul Games

Year 11

With Heildal preparing for war, the Kaioshin has raised a great arena in the north. Working at it tirelessly with a new recruit, Sena, a Kaio helper, Amura, and the fallen Kaio Jashu, she has managed to complete the Alabaster Arena; a grand stage to host combat events surrounded by the trials of Heildal; an obstacle course designed to test one’s limits and perseverance.

The announcement is made that a festival is on the horizon, and that a battle ceremony will commence before the year is out. But will things go as planned?