Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Building A Better Future

We are excited to have the Junior Block upgrade beginning shortly and expect to have it finished for the school Anniversary at the beginning of 2019.

We know every child is different.  We know because they are different, they learn differently as well.  We know that because kids learn differently, we need to provide flexibility in how we teach and classes that allow kids to learn in the best way for them.  Flexibility is the key word for the building project starting shortly.  Classes will have the ability to open large doors to the room next door when kids from different rooms want to work together.  Classes will have smaller withdrawal rooms to use to help with noise or to suit their needs.  Each class will also have some new furniture to help increase flexibility for how kids choose to learn.

Thank you to our BoT who have helped to fund this project for our children.



Vote to Win!

Win a $50 voucher.  Three up for grabs.

After more than a term of consultation and work we have found 5 values you, our community have said are most important to us all.  We are sending home pink family voting cards with your oldest child for you to have one more opportunity to have your say.  We will have a voting booth and one box for each value in the office.  All we need you to do is discuss which values are most important to you as a whanau then pop your 3 voting cards in the correct box in the office.  You can split your votes over several values or place more than one in a single box but you still only have 3 votes.  Next Friday we will add up all the votes for each value and then draw the raffle prizes.  The five values are listed below.

Respect / Faa’aloalo / Whakaute / Kauraro / Fakaaloalo 

Hiringa / Determination / Umuumu / Iviiuinaki / Taumafai

Identity / Tupuaga / Tuakiri / Talaaga / Ko ai au

Manaakitanga / Care / Akono / kikila alofa / Fa’ataua

Whanaungatanga / Connection / Tapeka / Hokotanga / Fealofani

Vision: Win a $50 Voucher drawn from vision entries

A vision is a short statement that tells people what we are all about.  It pulls together the values and is something everyone can live by everyday and in everyway.  Please try to write your own vision statement on your green card and pop it in the box labelled Vision.  Feel free to write it in your preferred language. There will be another $50 voucher prize drawn from these entries as well.

Waitangirua Summer Celebration

On Monday 10th December we will hold our Waitangirua Summer Celebration at the Waitangirua Mall.  Planning is underway to have an afternoon celebrating everything wonderful in Waitangirua.  It will be from 1pm and finish by 4pm with more information and a permission slip coming home in the next few weeks.  We would love to have you join us alongside friends and family from Corinna and Natone Park Schools.  Save the date now!

2019 Enrolments

If you have a young one, or know of someone thinking about enrolling a child with us, please contact the school as soon as possible so we can include them in 2019 classes.  Even if they will be starting later in the year, we can better meet their needs if we know when they will join us.  Please pop into the school office, ring us on 042359579 or email office@tairangi.school.nz

Tairangi Flying High!

38 students attended the Interschool Athletics on Wednesday, representing us all in track and field events.  Pictured above is Toto from Room 1 flying high with a huge smile as Breearn from Room 2 looks on to see where she lands.  As always we were really proud of how they represented the school with outstanding behaviour and great results.  Several students will represent the region in the next round of athletics competition.  A special thank you to Mr Arca for your organisation and supervision and also to Jeanne and El who helped everyone on the day.

Free Stationery 2019

We know the sooner we can start our teaching programmes at the start of the year, the more we can do for our learners.  We also know the start of the year can be difficult financially for all of us.  With this in mind, stationery for all students will be purchased by the school to start 2019.  That’s right, no more stationery lists to worry about.  Your child’s teacher may ask for something to top up their materials throughout the year, but we will provide everything to start.