West Clark Community Schools

19/20 School PLC Concept

West Clark Community Schools plans to implement a structured Professional Learning Community concept/schedule that will be purposeful, consistent and effective for all staff and help lead to higher student achievement results.  WCCS is always aiming to help create the best educational experience for all of our students, and this concept will assist for that to happen.  Having a structured schedule in place will assist with every school reaching their highest potential, meeting School Improvement Plan goals, and assisting with Accreditation requirements.

Starting for the 19/20 SY, all WCCS schools will have an early release day on Wednesday afternoons by approximately 45 minutes.  Students will be released earlier so contractual time for certified staff can be focused on meaningful and direct PLC planning, discussion and teaching strategies.  

History:  WCCS began the official PLC concept 3 years ago and has grown to appreciate the value in these purposeful and effective staff meetings that help formulate strategic teaching strategies across all grade levels.  The one piece that we have found that has been missing is simply time.  Many concepts have been explored and evaluated on how time can be carved out that is consistent across all grade levels and buildings and will yield the highest results.  Over the past 2-3 years, multiple staff members have had the opportunity to be trained in the PLC concept and also visit various schools to see a structured PLC schedules in action.  The early release on Wednesday afternoons was accepted after discussion with our teacher representation (1/2019, 2/2019, 3/2019) and our central office/building level administration teams over the course of the 2018/19 SY.  

Again we are excited for the concept to begin in the 19/20 SY and want our parents to be aware of the schedule changes as early as possible so proper planning can commence.  Please refer to the FAQ below for guidance.  

What time will my child’s schools schedule look like next year?  (Please see schedule below):

*Transportation will be provided on the early release day, will just be 45 minutes earlier that M/T/TH/F.  ie: student X loads their PM bus at 3:00 M/T/Th/F and arrives home at 3:25, they will load their PM bus at 2:15 on Wednesdays and arrive home at 2:40

Will latch key programming (ie: Stay’n’Play) still be available at certain schools?

-Yes, this will not be impacted.  

Will students schedules be altered different on Wednesday vs the other 4 days of the week?

-No, the last 45 minutes of the day for all schools on M/T/Th/F will encompass a remediation/enhancement block customized for the buildings needs.  This remediation/enhancement block will simply not exist on Wednesday afternoons due to students being released early.  The only possible alteration will be the shortening of certain periods at the secondary level.  

How will 2 hour delay days be impacted on Wednesdays?

-Students will simply remain at school until their normal M/T/Th/F release time so the instructional day is maximized.  

Will the lunch schedule be different for students on Wednesdays?

-No all daily schedules will remain in place consistently M/T/W/Th/F with the exception of students releasing early on Wednesdays and missing the remediation/enhancement block.  

What time should students arrive home from school via school transportation on Wednesdays?

-Approximately 45 minutes earlier than that of a normal M/T/Th/F.  

If a student is a car rider or drives to school, when will this process begin on Wednesdays?

-Approximately 45 minutes earlier than that of a normal M/T/Th/F.  

Will start times remain the same everyday of the week.  

-Yes, start times will remain the same.  

Will the Prosser bus(es) leave Prosser earlier on Wednesday afternoons so students can catch their PM bus.  

-Yes, SCHS bus will leave Prosser approximately at 1:25, BHS and HHS will leave around 1:40 every Wednesday.