2nd Grade Social Studies at a Glance

The mission of the social studies is to develop capable citizens who are empowered with knowledge, skills, and attitudes enabling them to make informed decisions in a culturally diverse and interdependent world. We use a mixture of project based learning and our textbook Harcourt Social Studies -People We Know to teach our second graders.

Quarter 1    Civics

Project: Service and Citizenship - The project varies each year. We also do a mock election each year to help them understand the voting process

Quarter 2  Economics

Project: Market Day - 2nd Quarter  During the second quarter we establish a classroom economy.  The students earnings will be used for market day at the end of the quarter

Quarter 3  History

Project: History Speaks! Students will choose a famous person from a list of choices and write a biography, create a background and dress up as the character.  We will present our biographies to parents and community members.  Parents walk around and drop a quarter in their bucket and students perform their speech.

Quarter 4   Geography

Project: Salt dough Landform Maps, Me on the Map