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The need for Tactical ETL for COP
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The need for Tactical ETL for COP

Beyond a doubt these experiments reinforced the central hypothesis of the AREDN project, which is to build adaptable mesh networks using COTS equipment. Once “clients” or end-users began using applications on the network it became apparent that there were multiple different data interoperability and transportation needs that were not easily addressed within existing end-user application software.

  1. Cross Network Boundaries
  2. Cross Data Domain Boundaries
  3. Cross Protocol Boundaries
  4. Cross Platform & Application Boundaries
  5. Encoding schemes
  6. Security settings
  7. Network sources & sinks

In this configuration the Tactical ETL is the tool that allows the common operating picture (COP) to manifest across different applications and networks. Situational Awareness data from sources like ATAK can be transformed into a format compatible with any other COP platform. This was demonstrated with the COPERS integration built on site, as well as the existing operationally fielded “RedTAK” platform.