House-Brewed Beers on Tap

Hop Complex New England IPA

36 IBU

6.8% ABV

Farmhouse IPA Strong Belgian IPA

70 IBU

7.5% ABV

Taft Stout  Rich American Stout

33 IBU

5.5% ABV

Nebraskeller  Amber Lager

33 IBU

5.1% ABV

Nordic Pale Citrusy Pale Ale

40 IBU

5.2% ABV

Scarlet Rooster  Amber Farmhouse Ale

22 IBU

6.5% ABV

Mixed Fermentation IPA  NE IPA fermented with Kveik, Farmhouse, and Brett

32 IBU

6.5% ABV

Papio Kriek Brett Sour with Cherry

17 IBU

5.3% ABV

Hopfenbock Strong hoppy lager, light in color

40 IBU

7.7% ABV

Seltzer Try with on of our syrups


4% ABV

Zomer Wit Refreshing Belgian Wheat

20 IBU

4.5% ABV

Fried Ice Cream Stout Stout flavored with Cinnamon and Graham Crackers

33 IBU

5.4% ABV

Oktoberfest Thiolized NE IPA

25 IBU

5.9% ABV

Pineapple Upside Down Creamy Sour with Pineapple and lactose

10 IBU

4.5% ABV

Berliner Weisse  Wheat, refreshingly tart sour. Ask about available syrups 

10 IBU

4.5% ABV

Mr. Señor Refreshing Mexican style Lager

22 IBU

4.7% ABV