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MLSD Mask to Stay-Updated Covid-19 Guidance-Q & A
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Mask to Stay FAQ

Updated 10.26.21

  1. When does the mask optional policy go into effect?
  1. The new policy will begin on 10/27/21.

  1. Will I still be notified if my student is a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case?
  1. Yes, we will still notify you if your student is identified as a close contact.  If receiving this contact, it is assumed that we have already asked your student to put a face covering on.

  1. What if I refuse to allow my student to wear a face covering?
  1. Upon notification of a close contact, unless provided with a valid medical exemption, all students and staff at Minerva Local Schools will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of 14 days from the last contact.

  1. What type of face covering does my student need to wear?
  1. For the purpose of a student or staff member who is wearing a mask due to close contact, the mask should be double layered and cover from the nose to below the chin.

  1. Are there face covering exemptions?
  1. Yes, you can still obtain a medical face covering exemption from your doctor.  Please provide the face covering exemption to the front office of your student’s school.  If an exemption is approved, this does not mean that the student or staff member is exempt from quarantine.  If the individual is identified as a close contact, quarantine guidelines will be followed.  If your student had a face covering exemption on file from last school year we will honor that letter.

  1. Can my student test out of wearing a mask?
  1. Yes, you may test your student on day 6 from exposure and they may return on day 8 instead of day 11.
  2. A test must be sent to prior to your student returning or a call will need to be made to the building and then the negative result shall be sent to the school office first thing in the morning.

  1. What type of test must be used?
  1. The tests referenced above must be SARS-CoV-2 (PCR or Antigen) tests and must be proctored in order to be utilized for the purposes indicated above.  
  2. Proctored means that either you access a live video during the assessment with a rapid test, or take a test at a clinic or doctor’s office which is rapid or PCR.

  1. If my student tests positive, when I attempt to test them out on day 6, what do I do?
  1. Please call your child’s school

  1. If my student is identified as a close contact and I do not wish for them to wear a mask, what happens?
  1. You may choose for your student to quarantine for 10 days from the contact, return on day 11, and monitor through day 14.

Major Update 10.26.21