Friends of Newbury Town Library Notes  for 10/4/18

Attendees:  Jean Ackerly, Maureen Haley, Joan Friedman, Pam Myers-Kinney, Kati Bourque, Dick Passeri, Erin Ouimet, Diana Lord, Linda Rivera

Introduction of Diana Lord, new to attending meeting.  Diane has limited experience with Grant writing. She will look into what is available for the library.

Pam will place the signs on Sun or Monday.  Cost around $140.00

Coverage hopefully with photographer. Mothers club, friends website

Flier posted  in post office and YWCA

Volunteers and bakers. Tammy will resend email

Electrical situation. Electricians still have not come to check out library.Dick Suggested to use surge

Suppressors. If any board member has surge suppressors and extension cords please bring them .

Discussion took place about set up and  where items will be placed in the library. Tammy made signs for item being sold

Tammy states all set for materials/supplies


 Jean to ask Alex Burke/author,Pam’s sister Diane

Prices already set on Carla Moss’ items. Tammy will purchase  tags on items with prices

To note as of today:

Raffle items and prizes currently in hand:

  1. Kids playhouse from Henry Bear's Park store.  (Eureka). (raffle)
  2. Sky Zone Trampoline - 1 hour for a Group of 5, sky sox included if needed. (Raffle)
  3. Laser Quest - 4 regular games.(raffle)
  4. Leo's Superbowl - 30 strings. 10 strings for pumpkin contest. 20 strings for raffle
  5. Buddhaful Souls - 5 classes. (raffle)
  6. Precision Pilates - $155.00 (10 Pack) ( Raffle)
  7. Euphoria - 5 cycling classes .( Raffle)
  8. $20 Russell Orchard and 2 bottles of their wine (from me) ok'd by Town Hall. (Raffle)
  9. Harbor Creamery Frappe Cup & Gift card for 2 free frappes.( Pumpkin contest)
  10. Wishbasket/Red Bird store - large linen pillow ( raffle)
  11. Interlocks assortment of beauty products (to be picked up next week.)( raffle)
  12. Mission Oak $50, Grog $50 (raffle), American BBQ $25, Michael’s Harborside $50, The Paddle In $25.

Grog for raffle table

  1. Firehouse Theater for the Arts is sending an unknown number.( raffle)
  2. Screening Room - 10 tickets( raffle).( 4 tickets will go to pumpkin contest)

      15.  North Shore Music Theater - 2 tickets to Hairspray( raffle)

Calendar:  October 13 Harvest Fest

              November 1 - Friends Meeting.

              December 6  - Friends Meeting.

Upcoming Friends Sponsored Programs:

Writers Workshops, Oct. 5, 12 & 19.   Fridays 10a-12p.

Discovering New England Stone Walls, Oct. 11.  Thurs.  6:30-7:30pm.

The Basics of Public Speaking, Oct. 16.  Tuesday.  6:30-7:30pm.                        

Thomas Jefferson the Foodie, November 15. Thursday.  7-8pm.11/15 RESCHEDULED TO JANUARY        

Prizes for Pumpkins:

4 tickets for screening room for adult

10  strings for Leo for kids pumpkin contest

Harbor creamery for Teens for contest


Mission oak 1st place, 2nd place Paddle Inn

Loaf: Michael’s Harborside, 2cnd American Barbeque

Diane Lord offered to do raffle table and will check into getting a donation From Novo sano(spa part of


Kati suggested a paint night as a fundraiser/ Diane Lord will look into possible location to host and will ask friend who is an artist.

Financial report :Pam shared financial report: See handout

Books are doing well.$ 500 thus far in sales. Last year only$ 300.00 at this time.

Erin suggested to post books/dvd’s on facebook. Popular newly arrived items

Donations are doing well. Try to boost membership after harvest festival

Flags hats and bags are doing well.

NTL:   A Mini poster printer arriving for library