Mystery Science: Teacher Intro

I am THRILLED that our school has chosen to employ Mystery Science to frame our Science Lab this school year!  For the past year, I have been deeply examining every lesson that Mystery Science has to offer, picking and choosing and modifying in order to best suit the needs of our students and the constraints of our Science Lab.  Some of you have already begun to explore Mystery Science, Mystery Doug, or both, in your classrooms.  I’ve heard great feedback that the students really love it!  If you haven’t jumped in yet, that’s ok too.  This will serve as an overview of what to expect as we move forward.

Here is the link to the Mystery Science homepage.  You shouldn’t have any trouble accessing it once you’ve “signed up”

In Science Lab

I will be handling ALMOST every main lesson that Mystery Science has to offer at each grade level.  That includes 17 lessons per grade level (excluding Kinder).  Our Science Lab time will be spent primarily on the activity built into the lesson, with supporting discussions and lab sheets.  Unless I ask you to specifically, there is no need for classroom teachers to do the activities with your students in class.

Classroom Teacher Role BEFORE Science Lab Day

Mystery Science relies heavily on video-assisted content delivery.  We will be able to watch many of the videos in the Science Lab in conjunction with the activities they address.  However, there will be a number of times that I will ask teachers to show certain parts of the videos BEFORE coming to Science Lab because of time constraints in my classroom.

Classroom Teacher Role AFTER Science Lab Day

Everything that happens AFTER your students leave my room is entirely up to you.  Each lesson includes an assessment and several extension activities.

4th and 5th Grades

In line with NGSS, Mystery Science has begun to develop an additional feature called the “Anchor Layer.”  The units that include this feature will have a small anchor shaped logo next to them on the main Mystery Science Page.

Outside Resources

Many of the extension activities include videos or readings that might require an account with an outside resource.  So far, all of the ones I’ve encountered are free to access, you’d just need to sign up.  Here is a list of the ones I’ve explored (you may encounter more as you work through the website)

Navigating the Mystery Science Website

Here’s a picture of part of the home page!

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Here is a Grade Level Unit page!

Here’s a Lesson page!

That is all you really need to know for now.  Please see my Science Lab Website to get this intro as well as more useful information!

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