Getting Started with eXtension

The eXtension Foundation is part of the Cooperative Extension System and its mission is to increase Extension professionals effectiveness in addressing issues of importance to the nation. Our focus is on helping Extension professionals generate a more visible, measurable, local impact. If your institution is an eXtension member, you receive additional tools, resources, and opportunities. For a complete list of eXtension members, please click here.

eXtension Member-Only Benefits

Benefits through the Impact Collaborative

The Impact Collaborative is a professional development experience for Extension professionals. It provides learning opportunities geared towards innovation while bringing strategic support and new capacity to the System. These experiences are enhanced with the help of external partners and supporting organizations. Opportunities for professional development are delivered face-to-face and virtually. To access your eXtension member benefits, sign up for Engage & Empower Online.

The Impact Collaborative is supported by membership funding and is available exclusively to eXtension members.

Engage & Empower Online

This is your portal to your eXtension member benefits. Engage & Empower Online (EEO) is a new co-learning community connecting local and regional Impact Collaborative projects across the U.S. It is designed to collectively drive innovation and action toward meaningful impact. Resources and tools available in the EEO include:

Sign up here for access to Engage & Empower Online or visit

Local Events

Each eXtension member can host the Impact Collaborative at their institution or in their state once per year. The Impact Collaborative will deliver an Innovation Skill-Building Experience designed alongside your leadership team and tailored to your state or institution. Learn more here or visit

Innovation Facilitator Training

Every eXtension member can appoint one individual per year to be trained, all expenses included, as an Innovation Facilitator with the Impact Collaborative. Innovation Facilitators are key partners to the Impact Collaborative; they help catalyze new ways of working innovatively with members in their daily work. Learn more here or visit

The Impact Collaborative Summit

The Impact Collaborative Summit is a national event that offers unique opportunities to create impactful results at the local level. Project and program teams across Extension join the Impact Collaborative at the Summit to strengthen community engagement, collectively engage partnerships, strengthen project or program planning and innovation, develop strategies to engage new audiences, and strengthen organizational context and readiness to support change. Learn more here or visit


A variety of courses can be found on eXtension’s Campus that provide professional development topics for Cooperative Extension faculty and staff as well as their public audiences. Campus is available to individuals from member institutions as a course delivery tool using the Moodle course management system that accommodates fee-based programming and competency-based tracking and reporting. Learn more about how to use Campus for your education delivery.

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