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Suspension or Expulsion Appeal Procedure –  The written appeal and this form must be emailed to the, delivered or mailed to: Alpine Academy College Preparatory High School, 605 Boxington Way Suite 112, Sparks NV, 89434.

The administrator responsible for responding to the concern will contact the person filing the concern within 5 working days of the receipt of the form. After investigating the concern, the administrator will provide a response, in writing, to those involved with his or her recommendation(s) for resolving the concern within 8 working days of the concern.

If the initial written response is satisfactory, no further contact with the school is necessary on the part of the person filing the concern. If the response is unsatisfactory, the person filing the concern has the option of contacting the school’s Governing Board Chairman, within 5 working days of receiving the administrator’s response to advise that the concern is still not resolved. The Board will issue a final decision in the matter.  The final answer from, either the Board President, or mediator, and will be provided within twenty working days of the date the concern is referred to the board.

Suspension/Expulsion Appeal Form

Section I

Name of Person Filing Form: ______________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________

Name of Student: ______________________________________________________

Date(s) of Suspension/Expulsion: __________________________________________

Offense(s): ____________________________________________________________

Grade: ________________ Preferred Phone: _________________________________

Section II

Your suspension/expulsion appeal will be reviewed by the discipline committee composed of the Executive Director, Office Manager, and 2 Teachers. The committee hearing will be held on _____________________________________. You may submit a statement for consideration.

Section III

Please attach a separate sheet of paper to this form explaining the following.

1) Your statement for consideration

2) Your desired resolution