Internship Vacancy: Molecular Biology / Biotechnology / Chemistry or similar

Have you ever sat at your lab bench on a sunny Saturday, pipetting stuff into tubes for what seems like forever and thought:

“There’s got to be a better way.”

Digi.Bio is looking for a student or recent graduate with a background in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology/Chemistry or similar disciplines, who wants to join the good fight for affordable data-driven automation. As a member of our R&D team, you will make a large impact on the development of our product.

Your responsibilities:

You will have the opportunity to steer your work according to your interests. Your primary tasks will include:

Other tasks include:

Through your tasks, you will have an opportunity to learn about Digital Microfluidics and how this technology can be used to improve molecular and synthetic biology protocols.

Your background:

Other must-haves:

We offer:

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About Digi.Bio

Digi.Bio is building the machine to digitalize biology. We are an early stage start-up of biologists and engineers who want to bring the speed and reproducibility of computers to biology. Using digital microfluidics and AI, we are designing next generation automation tools which reduce the hassle and cost of experimentation and increase the speed of scientific discovery. For more information on our product, visit our website.