DeWayne Harrell - Teacher Qualifications

English Teacher Qualifications

Library Media Qualifications

Taught eight years at the HS level
Knowledge of Google Classroom

APEX Teacher (Online Administrator)

Part of a Freshman Team

Student Center Activities

Urban and Rural Settings
Public Television Master Teacher
Taught Summer School English
Taught Summer School Remediation

Forensics Coach

 Knowledge of Google Classroom

Working knowledge of social media
Student Centered Stations

YouTube Channel for Students

Kindle Station for Students
S.T.E.M Activities
Public Television Master Teacher

Math and Reading Remediation

Summer School Librarian

Basketball Coach

2014 Coach of the Year (Virginia AA Division 4)
2011 and 2014 Timesland Coach of the Year

2011 and 2014 River Ridge Coach of the Year

4 State Semifinals Appearance

Revived TWO struggling programs