2019/2020 Family Volunteer Policy

As part of the SARS community, we kindly request your cooperation with our volunteer policy* set forth below.  Please note that tuition only covers approximately 50% of program costs.  With your volunteerism, we balance our budget while we all share on-hill time, experiences and friendships.

For families with multiple athletes, your volunteer commitment is based on the athlete in the most committed program.

Volunteer Commitment by Program


# of fundraiser days (swap or auction)

# of youth race days (home series or EEYSL)

# of Junior race days (U14 PNSA qualifiers or WR speed series)


No formal commitment but we welcome your support at any event!

Youth Development team


any 1 race day

Youth Competition team




U14 2-day team


any 3 race days

U14 full time


any 3 race days



any 3 race days



any 4 race days


any 2 days (fundraiser or race)


No formal commitment but we welcome your support at any event!

2018/2019 Volunteer Day Opportunities by Event:

Nov 8-9, 2019 - Ski Swap

Dec 31, 2019 - Home Series Race #1

Jan 11-12, 2020 – Chad Engstrom EEYSL Race

Jan 25-30, 2020 - Western Region FIS Speed Races

Feb 22, 2020 – Home Series Race #2

Feb 22, 2020 - SARS Annual Dinner Auction

Mar 4-7, 2020 - Masters Memorial Races

Mar 11-14, 2020 - WRJC U16 Championships

Apr 4, 2020 - Tammy Powell Memorial Home Series Race #3

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Additional Volunteer Policy Terms:

Buyout options, full or partial, are available at $100 per volunteer day.  These can be bought out at any time during the season.

I have read, understand, and agree with this volunteer policy including, but not limited to, my commitment by program, terms and buyout options.

Athlete’s Signature______________________________________________________  Date_________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________________________________ Date________________________________

*If any terms in this policy creates a hardship, please contact our Program Director.