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1.        Authority

        SC 801

        110 AR

It shall be the policy of the Board to supply each staff member and student with the supplies and equipment that are deemed necessary for implementation of the approved instructional program.

The Board may require that students provide certain supplies for participation in extracurricular activities.

2.        Guidelines

        Title 22

        Sec. 12.11

When individualized and non-reusable clothing or equipment is necessary for reasons of safety or health, students shall be required to provide their own clothing or equipment, which shall meet standards set by the school. Such standards shall be reasonably related to considerations of safety, health and protection of property.

When students prepare useful items they are permitted to keep, they shall pay the District the cost of the materials used.

When policy guidelines impose a financial hardship on a student, the District will assume the cost. The Superintendent or designee shall implement procedures to assure that no student is denied participation in the school program for financial reasons and to guard the privacy of each student.

School Code


PA Code

Title 22

Sec. 12.11

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